Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"You Give Love A Bad Name"

Couldn't help but quote that while I was watching "How I met you Mother". I feel like I'm going to be posting a LOT more considering we have internet again! 
Back in 2007 or 08


Tonight I did about 8 songs or 7 on Just Dance 2. I was about to pass out when I finished. Wooo. It was such a good workout though. Now that I've showered and am all clean now, I plan on going to bed soon since I got hardly any sleep last night. Just have to pray the car doesn't get stolen. It makes me really nervous now that someone was trying to get our license plate information to steal our car. It sucks. I'll be very upset if she gets stolen. I <3 Rayne.

Life is going to start getting crazy soon because tomorrow's Ben's birthday (from work) and we are going out to lunch. Then I'm going to meet up with Lauren and we are going out for Sushi since the men in our life don't like it. Then I have to figure out what to get my honey for his 30th birthday while still being able to cover Sissy's pet deposit, putting money aside for insurance and putting money into my BOA account. Then after all that is said and done I have to start figuring out what we will be doing for his birthday and what to do for Valentine's Day. Along with what to get him. 

Supposedly I have a couple surprises coming. He said that my birthday present should be here tomorrow so I'm excited to see what he got me. He was also telling me a few nights ago that he was going to get my bike for me. Awww, I swear he can be sweet at times. lol. Tonight though, he said he was not getting my bike for me but something else. So I have no clue what he's getting me. He knows I really REALLY want a camera..T2i maybe? haha I know he doesn't have enough for that. I'd be happy with the bike but I also feel like he shouldn't be spending that much on me.

Anyway,  it's time for bed!! Gotta wake up and do my hair tomorrow (if I wake up). Hope everyone has a great night. I'll try to take pictures tomorrow!


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