Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friends Who Aren't Really Your Friends..Hmm

Just thought this was a funny picture to put up
Everyday I question just who is a friend and who isn't. There are a lot of times that I want to hangout with someone and they are ALWAYS busy yet, can hang out with other friends. Or there's the friend that wants you to hang out with them but when you go to hang out with them they are busy all day at another friends house. Then of course they complain how you never hang out with them when really it's them who is too busy to hangout.

There's so many times I just want to delete half the people I know on my facebook because I either don't consider them a good friend or they don't treat me like a good friend. I'm at that point in my life where I'd rather just have my 3 best friends and call it a day. I'm one of the girls that doesn't need a lot of friends because usually they end up stabbing me in the back or doing something that I don't appreciate.

It's sad though, when you dedicate so much of your time and life to a person and they betray you. Before the end of last year I went through this crap with a friend, well at least I thought she was a friend. Now I can't even get my belt back from her or anything. I'm tired of dealing with people like that. People who don't care about your feelings, people who just aren't good friends.

Friends call you to come hang out - friends hang out with you when you ask them to, instead of making up excuses - friends keep your secrets, even if you get in a fight with them - friends balance their relationships so that they can still see you and still see their other friends at the same time.

When I was figuring out who I might pick to be in my wedding as bridesmaids (whenever Blake and I get married) I didn't think that I'd have to cut half of the girls off that list. I'm down to my best friend as my maid of honor and my other two best friends as my bridesmaids. Sometimes having 3 really close girlfriends is all a girl needs. As for having guy friends...well that's a different story. Sometimes I think guys are worse than girls. Especially if you're in the car scene with them. Ya, totally filled with drama.

Anyway, I'm done ranting...night!

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