Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For Me?! Why, Thank you!

Today started off pretty bad. I grabbed two towels as I walked out the door to the hatch, knowing that I'd be using them to soak up the water on the floorboard. That's exactly what I did! There was a big puddle of water from the floor in the front of my seat to the back. So I put both towels down, one up front and one in the back.

On the way to work I started noticing the gauge cluster was acting weird, weirder than normal. Both the kph and the rpm would go crazy! Next thing I noticed was when I had the lights on it would start acting up and then when I'd turn them off, it would kinda go back to normal. Well, then I noticed that when I turned the lights on the radio would turn off and on again. So I kept the lights off and drove to work. I started smelling something but it wasn't burning, I don't think. So I just kept driving and when I was down the road from work the gauge cluster stopped working, the radio stopped working and the clock was dim. I ended up taking three videos of it spazzing out on me today. I called Blake and told him and now he's worried about it.

On a good note, today Krista had a gift for me. Suzi and her had went to Market over the weekend and they brought us all something back. Well my gift was this HUGE tote bag. It's got a giraffe print in gray and my name in pink! It's so cute! Krista suggested that I could use it for all of my car detailing stuff. So awesome! Since it's washable, I can use it for that or I can use it for when we go on trips :D. It's so cute!

Well, other than the hatch issues, today has been a pretty decent day. I will be happy to leave her at 4:30 and go see my handsome man! I love him so much and I'm so blessed to have such an awesome guy in my life. I love him with all my heart!

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