Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wait! It's not Monday..It's Tuesday!

My Best Friend and I back in 09! I miss her!

So besides thinking it was Monday all day instead of Tuesday, today is going pretty well. It's 7:28pm and I decided to write a blog entry before I go work out. I've been seeing a lot of people who have blogs and are working out. So I've viewed some of them and have seen what kind of food they eat. Not bad, but I'm just not a veggie burger type of girl. 

Today I kinda feel bad because I brought oatmeal to work for breakfast and it DID NOT taste good so I ended up throwing half of it away. So much for breakfast. Then I was starving at about 11:30am. Well since my bread was moldy, I couldn't make a sandwich to take to lunch so I had to resort to getting fast food. I mean I could have went to Wal-mart and got something but Wal-mart is so far away from work (not really). So I got Whataburger for lunch. I know, bad me. However, I kinda turned it around when I got home. I made beefy rice for dinner with lean ground beef, texas toast, peas and corn. I ended up eating a ton of corn. I <3 it. So anyway, I had some beefy rice, corn, peas and 2 slices of texas toast.

So I got this cooking light chicken tonight cookbook and I've looked through it and I've decided that this weekend we are going to do chicken + steak kabobs! Yum. I'm going to put green and red bell peppers, corn, steak, chicken, pineapple and squash on it. Yum! Can't wait. I'm also going to pick up some veggies and some pita bread at the store the next time we go. 

Anyway, I need to work out! I'll post more later!!


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