Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't Stop!

So I kinda messed up my working out routine! Whoops! Well Saturday night we were at my boyfriend's dad's house and we went to dinner with them and then went to our friend Jason's house to hang out with him and his girlfriend. Well, by the time we got home it was about 1am and then when we finally went to sleep it was about 3:30am. We only stayed up that late because our neighbor was having a party and we had to wait till some of her guests left so we could park our car up close. Lame!!! So anyway, I didn't get to workout Saturday night. Then Sunday I got up and figured I'd just workout in the evening and decided to do laundry, empty Sissy's box and do some cleaning. After awhile the bf got up and we sat around waiting for Comcrap to come out to install our internet. Well, I ended up calling them and they said that the work order was canceled and they didn't know why and then I got transferred to another lady and she said that I couldn't use our modem and that I'd have to use theirs and pay $7 extra a month. Plus the install fee would be $29.99 instead of $25! OMG! >.< So I was just like whatever, let's get this done. Then she tells me that no one will be able to come out till Tuesday. Well I guess I could have been a little more aggressive and told her "NO! Someone needs to come out today!" but I'm not aggressive. Then I had my lovely boyfriend sitting next to me giving me lip because I wasn't yelling at the lady over the phone. Whatever! So that ruined my day.

Well the day got better. We ended up going out to TGI-Friday's with Jason and Lauren. It was nice. We discussed nail polish, football, California and other things. Then we went from there to the Dollar Theater and saw RED. Omg most amazing movie ever!!!! I will definitely be purchasing this one! Might even have to get it for my dad cause I know he'd crack up watching it. After the movie we went to Jason's house and realized there was nothing to drink, so Lauren and I went to Kroger's and got drinks and cinnamon rolls! Yum. Well Blake doesn't like cinnamon rolls but since Lauren made them, he ate one. I can't even get him to try one! >.< Whatever! lol. Anyway, we sat down for 2 hours and played Uno! Haha It was so much fun. Finally it was 12am and it was time to go home. I think I went to bed at 1am this morning. Whoops! Oh well, I still got sleep lol. Oh and yea, I didn't get to work out last night but tonight I will be working out!

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