Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Curse of the Threes!!

Flowers for his momma
Well my workout routine has worn off. Yesterday I didn't work out. Basically we got home, had dinner, went to Kroger and got his mom a card and flowers for her birthday (since we forgot) and then headed to her house to visit. We stayed there till almost 10 and played Farkle. 


Closer to 10pm my man came inside and was like "There's some black firebird that keeps parking across the street from me, with his lights off and just sitting there staring at the car". Then we notice him go down the road to a friend of ours and parks behind his car, with the lights off. "What is going on?!" I said. Well supposedly the guy had driven around the street and back a couple times to stop and look at both of our cars. So that freaked me out. His mom said we couldn't call the cops because it was county. >.< Well later found out I could have called the Sheriff! Ugh.

We headed home and stayed up late, fearing that the cars would be taken while we slept. So I got hardly any sleep last night and woke up late to work today. So my workout routine has gone to crap. Hopefully nothing crazy will be going on tonight and I'll be able to workout for a while and then straight to bed for me.

A little off topic but I'm so upset that my nail polish (after having been painted 2 days now, has already started chipping off 4 nails! :(  Oh well, just means I can repaint them "entourage" instead! Yes!

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