Monday, January 17, 2011

Today I Splurged!

Blake and I went out today to Barnes and Noble and I got my "Cooking light Chicken tonight!" book. I thought it over yesterday and decided that I needed to just buy it. Yes, I could have gotten it cheaper online but I would have had to pay for shipping and waiting. So I just ended up getting it at the store. Yay! 

After that, we headed over to Old Navy to return a top his mom got me for my birthday that was too big. Well go figure all of that said top are on clearance! So I ended up picking up a different tank top and had to pay $8.50 for the difference. The tank top was originally $10 but when they took the $1 something off, I had to pay $8.50. Not exactly what I was wanting to do but why keep a shirt I'm not going to wear? So I got a cute light pink tank top.

From there we headed to a consignment shop called Hidden Treasures. I did not see many "hidden treasures". All of the stuff was mostly old stuff. Blake did like the bed we saw when we first walked in and I fell in love with a green couch. But needless to say, we didn't get anything. There was a cute little glass candle holder for $1! But I didn't get it.

Then it was off to Nissan to see about getting an oil filter for the Z. Of course, they had to order it so now we have to wait for that to come in. Oh well. Found out that if we replace the lifters it'll be $109 for 6.

From Nissan we went to Petco to get Slinky a mouse and of course we couldn't resist but to stop and play with the Ferrets! Both were young girls and they were so adorable! I can't wait till we can bring two home! Which that means we actually need to get a house since our apartment complex will not allow us to keep ferrets. Then again, they put on the website that they don't allow snakes either. Hmm, oh well. But anyway, we got to hold both of them and they were way cute! We'll be getting a couple when we can save up to buy the cage and goodies. Once we were done playing with them, the lady went to the back and brought me out the "mean, bully" mouse and we left. Snake liked it so that's all that matters lol. I don't mind taking home the mean mouse that picks on the others.

After Petco, we headed home, I fed the snake and then we hopped in the Z to take it to get an inspection. Well, I don't think it's going to pass because it has an exhaust leak and the windshield is cracked along the drivers side. Ugh! So we didn't end up getting it inspected because the guy said we needed to warm the car up for at least 30 minutes. So we left there and went to Advance Auto Parts and picked up power steering fluid and an air freshener since the Z stinks!

Then we got ready and went to Texas Roadhouse where Lauren and Jason met up with us. We had a pretty decent dinner. I think mine turned out better than Blake's. lol. That was pretty much our evening.

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