Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Facebook Giveaway!!

Hi Dolls!! Sorry I've kinda been m.i.a lately. Actually, for quite a long time. Sorry!! I've been dealing with breaking up with my boyfriend, getting a new boyfriend, becoming independent and dealing with my car getting stolen. Needless to say, I need a vacation!!

I'm doing this post mainly for work. We are throwing a huge giveaway for Football Season!! Who here watches football? What's your favorite team? My team has always been the Cowboys, no matter how sucky they might be, they'll always be my team! My coworkers and I came up with a great giveaway...

The Ultimate Tailgating Party in a Bag! 
It includes a cute insulated cooler bag, one pack of large party plates with cup holder, one pack of small party plates with cup holder, one pack of paper napkins, one citrus saw citrus cutter/bottle opener, one reversible bar chopping mat, one football shaped chip & dip tray, one vinyl tablecloth, 6 insulated red party cups and a pack of disposable utensils. Everything that's essential for the ultimate tailgating party! This bag full of items is valued at over $130! Make your tailgating party the best one!

To enter: Simply click the link here and like the main facebook page and the note page to be entered. Feel free to share the giveaway and tell friends about it. The giveaway will end on October 10th at 10am.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Moving on

Hi Dolls!!

Sorry it's been awhile since I last posted. I've been busy with relationship drama and just everyday life. I'm sad to inform that I might close this blog down. It's gone from beauty blog to everything blog and I think I'm ready to close it and move onto a new blog on wordpress. Trouble is, I can't pick a new name. I'm not in a creative mood. Would anyone like to list off some suggestions?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July - Day After

How was everyone's 4th of July? Hope it was a blast and you all got to eat some good food and see some great fireworks. My day was spent curled up in bed sick to my stomach. I know, what a great way to spend the 4th of July. I did however, get caught up on my sleep. That was the only perk of the day really.

Around 7:30pm the boyfriend and I headed over to our friends house to meet up and then go watch some fireworks. The original plan was to go downtown and watch them from the rooftop. That plan got changed to going to the beach and bar hopping. We carpooled down to the beach to go to the Strand (shopping area). The whole area was really dark and there was no one around. I should have guessed that they would all be at the beach waiting for the fireworks. Yup, we headed that way and there was nothing but traffic and about a million people parked everywhere! I did happen to get a few shots of the fireworks from the car but we weren't able to pull over anywhere and park. We continued on down the street and stopped at Denny's. We decided to try to walk to the boardwalk but that was a failed attempt because it was about 1 mile down the road and one of my friends was wearing heels.  We turned around and decided to just eat at Denny's and hang out there for a bit. I think we left Denny's at 11pm or maybe a little later. It took us till 1am to finally get home. It's only a 35 minute drive from our house to Galveston but the traffic was horrible. We will never do that again.

I did get a really cute picture yesterday of my baby girl.

 This girl loves her mouse!! Best investment ever was getting her some toy mice. She absolutely loves them. I do really need to clip her claws though. Look at that one!! It's long!

Well hope you all enjoyed your 4th!! 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally Hit My Goal!

I made it to 10.93 miles!!! As many of you know, as stated in my last post, my goal was to eventually hit 10 miles. Well, I finally did it. On June 7, at 7:07pm, I rode 10.93 miles. My average speed was 8.66 mph. I ended up burning 418 calories and completing my ride in an hour and 15 minutes. Not too shabby!

Of course the next night I didn't do as well. Let's just say.. I know why bikers were the spandex shorts with the padding on the butt. Yes, my butt was sore and so were my legs. That's why my next days ride was only 2.93 miles.

After having not ridden in a few days from recovery, I decided to get back out there and try to get my miles up again. I managed to get a nice little 5 mile ride in with the boyfriend. This time we ventured out of the apartment complex and rode down the street and on a little path.

Luckily it wasn't super hot out. It was quite enjoyable. We only rode for 33 minutes because my feet like to go numb when I'm riding but really I think it's because I've been wearing vans to ride in and those are not good for riding bikes or working out in period! So never ever workout in vans! They have no support. I'm actually looking into getting a pair of workout shoes for riding in and walking. Not only for working out really but also to use when I go on my Las Vegas trip. I'll be there walking around for 4 days!! Must have comfortable shoes!!! haha

Anyway, tonight I plan on doing at least a 5 mile ride. I might venture out of the apartment complex tonight and ride around the neighborhood. Who knows. Does anyone else ride? I'd love to hear about your bike and your experiences. Do share below in a comment!!

I have really white legs and that's always been my problem with working out and especially when I go to wear shorts. I hate it but my legs never tan. Oh well.

Action Shot!!

Just my "I'm riding and this is my riding face" picture. I like to listen to music while I ride because it makes the time go by faster and gets my mind off of watching the clock.

All finished with my ride!!! I hope you all are doing well and enjoy my posts [ only because I never hear from anyone..just want to make sure you all are alive out there ]. 

It's 4:31pm here and it's almost time for me to be off work and heading home to ride. Toodles!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Adventures and Such...

Time to get back into the swing of things [blogging that is!]. It's been so long that I've actually been constant with blogging that it's rather sad. I'll try my best to get on here every few days and update you all.

There are definitely going to be some big changes happening soon in my life. I'll keep you all updated on that when the time comes.

As for now, I've really been into bike riding and even though I haven't really ridden all that much [due to work] I'm still really into it and want to make it a fun hobby or well, you know activity. I've been waiting months upon months for my bike to finally be finished and now it is! Blake [boyfriend] finished it about two weeks ago and I'm totally in love with my bike. Wait, can you be in love with a bike? Wow that sounds weird. Okay..I really like my bike, it fits me well.


I love my bike!!!! It's such a joy to ride it. It's been years that I've ridden a bike and it feels great to be back on one! Do any of you ride?

The first day I rode, I ended up riding almost 4 miles. That was just around the apartment complex. It wore me out! I'm so out of shape. It was great getting back into it because I've missed it and it'll be nice getting into shape again. About three nights ago the boyfriend, his mom and I went out riding and we didn't ride as far as I would have liked but we did get in 3 miles. I could have went further but his mom was tired and his headset on his bike was loose. 

My goal is to try to get on my bike every night and ride up to 5 miles. I know 5 miles isn't really anything toward getting back into shape but I've gotta take baby steps. I want to start with 5 miles and then work up to 10 miles a night and then later on do more.

I've also been following Katie's Blog [ Same name as me :) ]. She bike rides, runs and is just leading a healthy lifestyle and I have become more motivated thanks to stumbling upon her blog. She gives great advice on what foods to eat and about her journey to lose weight. If you feel like following her go for it! She's awesome!

As I conclude this entry, I hope you all are having a fantastic day! Remember to stay positive and strive to accomplish your goals! I'll be back tomorrow to post more on my progress through creating a healthy lifestyle...slowly but surely!

Xoxo Katieeeeee

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Questionnaire Day!

1.) Mood:
I'm in a cranky mood this morning. I just think with all of the stress I'm under that my mood lately is just cranky.

2.) Did you do anything fun this weekend?
This weekend was spent mainly sleeping. The internet is shut off at the house so I haven't really been that connected to the world as normal. I did manage to get a ride in (bicycle) which was nice but my stomach was killing me this weekend and didn't really do anything else.

3.) What is the closest object to you that is pink?
My pink call message sheets. [I'm at work]

4.) Current nail polish:
Nothing. I need to get back into painting my nails..it's been so long!

5.) If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
I'd probably be in Australia or maybe just California would be nice.

6.) Current outfit:
Vans, Old Navy jeans, old navy turquoise tank top, Joplin Harley Davidson shirt.

7.) What is the last movie you saw in theaters?
The Avengers -- Best movie ever!!!! I love me some Thor :)

8.) If you could only be one age for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?
I think I'd like to just stay 25. It's a nice age and yeah..not much else I can say lol.

9.) When is the last time you played on a swing set?
Probably almost 3 years ago and a little girl told me I was too fat to be on it. There went my esteem -_-

10.) Weekly goals:
I have a lot of weekly goals now actually. One of them is to start eating better [I guess this is more of a on going goal], ride my bike at least 3-5 miles a day and then move up from there. And also start looking for a new job. I'm really tired of my job and underpaid.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Confusing Life

My life has always been confusing to me. One minute it's perfect and the next it's not. One minute I'm really happy and the next, depressed. Has anyone else felt like this at times? I went to Missouri last weekend to visit my family because my grandpas health has declined and I feel that since I've been back that I need to make some changes in my life.

The first thing I want to start changing is my health. I never really paid attention to the crap I'd eat and drink. Since I went to Missouri I have only had 2 sodas (in the one week I have been back) and fast food once. I've been mainly drinking water and eating chicken and veggies. I have my best friend Rikki to thank because I look up to him and he tries to live a healthy lifestyle and I tend to copy what he does. So this whole week I have been eating better and feeling better about myself. It's great. I actually feel more alive than I've felt in a long time.


Decided to break this up over a couple of days because it's been so overwhelming to write and even think about. Seriously, my head feels like it's going to explode. I've been talking to my mom about stuff and she's been very helpful and full of great advice and stuff. I <3 her. I just know there are steps I need to make to better my life and if not, I'll be miserable for the rest of my life. I just hate having to make choices like these. I'll keep you all updated..sorry this is so vague.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My friend's beautiful Pitbull. She's amazing. Even though everyone thinks the breed is horrible, just remember it's how the dog is trained. Most agressive Pits are trained that way and are used for fighting. She is not and has a loving owner.

Here are just a few pictures I snapped of her the other day. Let me know what you think.

Photos were taken and edited by me. If you'd like to use them, please contact me first! Thanks!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Couponing 101 and Update: Long Post

I'll start with an update first. Sorry I have been away from my blog. I haven't really had anything new to talk about or post so I just kind of stepped aside from blogging for awhile. Now I'm back and ready to blog full force. [At least try to anyway]. Little update on my life right now. It's crazy. I'm planning a trip to Missouri in May to see my family [Grandparents, aunts, uncles, ya know...the whole shabang!]. Well the perk of going up there when I am is that my dad will be there too. Yay! It's like killing two birds with one stone [even though I'd NEVER kill a bird or even think of doing something that crazy]. So here's my list of stuff I've been focusing my time on.

  1. Getting the hatch subframe and steering rack replaced [my bolt is broken on my subframe and I don't want to risk it coming out when I make a 10 hr drive].
  2. Getting the inspection done on the hatch before the end of the month. [Going to cost me anywhere from $40-$100].
  3. Get an alignment [$40-$100]
  4. Pay bills -_-
  5. Find someone to watch Sissy or take her with us.
  6. Trying to sell my HTC HD2 Android phone [t-mobile]
  7. Trying to sell parts I have off the other hatch.
As you can see I've been really busy. Life however, has been going pretty good besides the money issues. My good friend Rikki started work at my job on Monday and I absolutely <3 having him work with us. Not only is he a good worker but I feel awesome having a friend work with me. Before it was just ugh, didn't really want to go in and now it's awesome. I look forward to work and love hearing jokes and being able to go to lunch with someone whenever I want. It's great. 

Another good thing is that Blake and I have grown closer in the past few months. From the time we were thinking about breaking up till now; we have definitely grown closer. He's more loving and I have changed a lot too. No more depressed or sad Katie!

That's all for my update on my life. Now on to couponing!! [Let me know if you all are sick of these posts yet]

Lately I have come across some great deals that I could not pass up. Here they are!

I believe April 1st (Sunday) the Allegra coupon came out. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

Walmart Trip:
3 Allegra $7/1 used in 3 transactions.

1st-3rd Transaction (since they are all the same)
Allegra 5ct Tablets reg. $5.94 - $7/1 Coupon = +$1.06 overage
Vitamin Water reg. $1.08 - $1.06 overage
Total Spent: $0.02!!

Total on all transactions = $0.06!

Kroger Trip

All Mighty Pacs sale 2/$3 - (3) $1/1 Coupons = $0.50ea
Allegra 5ct Tablets reg. $5.95 - $7/1 coupon = +$1.05
Total Spent: $0.45!!

Target Trip:

Green Works Cleaners reg. $2.49ea - (2) $1/1 Manufacturer Coupons - (1) $1/2 Target Printable = $1.98/2 = $0.99 ea!

Method hand soap reg. $2.69ea - (4) $2/1 Manufacturer Coupons = $0.69ea!

Carefree Panty liners reg. $0.99 - $1/1 Manufacturer Coupon = FREE!!

Reach Floss reg. $0.97ea - (2) $1/1 Manufacturer Coupons = FREE!!

Cascade Trial Pack reg. $0.97 - $0.50/1 Manufacturer Coupon = $0.47
Total Spent: $5.21

Target Trip #2

Green Works Cleaners reg. $2.49ea - (2) $1/1 Manufacturer Coupons - (1) $1/2 Target Printable = $1.98/2 = $0.99 ea!

Method dish soap reg. $2.69ea - (2) $2/1 Manufacturer Coupons = $0.69ea!

Glade Room Sprays reg. $0.99ea - (2) $1/1 Target Coupons = FREE!!
Reach Floss reg. $0.97ea - (2) $1/1 Manufacturer Coupons = FREE!!

Free Trash bag sample
Total Spent: $3.36

Kroger Trip #2

Angel Soft 4pk Toilet Paper sale $1 - $0.45/1 Manufacturer Coupon = $0.55

Ivory Body Wash sale $1ea - $1/2 Manufacturer Coupon = $0.50ea
Total Spent: $3.55

Hope my explaining made it easy for everyone to understand. Have you scored any good deals this week??

Here's an update picture of my stock pile. This is only the smaller section that I started on my closet shelf. As you can see, I need more closet shelf room lol.

This is what I have on this shelf:

  1. 8 Ivory Body washes = $4
  2. 4 Green Works Cleaners = $3.96
  3. 4 Method Hand soaps = $2.76
  4. 2 Method Dish Soaps = $1.38
  5. 7 Schick Hydro Silk Razor/Shave Gel Combos Packs = $13.79
  6. 16 Glade Room Sprays [I just gave 2 away to a friend this morning] = Freebies. Would have cost $16

Hope you all enjoyed this post!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hooked on Couponing: Today's Haul

If you haven't already realized by now, I'm HOOKED on couponing!! It's become a new hobby of mine to save money. Look at how the economy is doing right now. Some people are still struggling to get by. Couponing is a great way to save money and start a stock pile of everyday things you use.

Here is my haul of the day [explained]:

Walmart Trip:

6 Glade Room Sprays - $0.98ea
-3 $2/2 Glade Product Coupons
=6 FREE!

1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor/Shave Gel Combo Pack - $5.97
-1 $4/1 Schick Hydro Silk Coupon

1 Suave Deodorant - $0.97
-1 $0.50/1 Suave Deodorant Coupon

Total w/o Coupons: $12.82
Total with Coupons: $2.52!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Goodies: Schick Hydro Razor

This week I was able to score a great deal on some razors. I tend to go through razors pretty frequently. I found out about these razors through [ The Krazy Coupon Lady ]. I love her facebook page. If you're into couponing, check her out because she posts all of the great deals and what coupons to use with them. It's simple, easy and a great way to save money!!

The Schick Hydro Silk Razor packs came with one razor and one mini shave gel. Retail $5.97 - $4.00/1 Coupon = $1.97 ea!

I ended up picking up 6 packs and then 1 plain razor with an extra blade. Total spent $17.39ish for 7 razors. Great deal if you consider one razor retails for $9.57~ and a pack of 4 blades is over $13!! I could not pass this deal up.

I also got a few freebies this week. 1st one being dog treats. I don't have a dog, so I gave one back to my coworker and one bag to my boss for their dogs.

I also scored a free 12pk of Hot Apple Cider for the Keurig at work. I have to say it's actually pretty good!! Usually I'm not a fan of the little packets because they're usually not strong enough but this one is great.

I say a 16pk of this at Walmart yesterday and it retails for a little over $16! 

Definitely a great thing to get free when they are a tad bit pricey.

That's it for my weekly goodies! Hope you all enjoyed my post and have a great weekend!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Morning Beautiful! [Pic Heavy]

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

Hope you all are having a great Friday!!! Enjoy the weekend!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sorry Ladies...

I haven't been posting much lately. Just haven't really had much to talk about and don't want to bore you all with my "couponing". Even though that's what I've been doing mostly. -- By mostly, I mean all the time. That's all I've been up to really is couponing. I've come across some great deals like free cat/dog food and free toothpaste. So I've been getting extra coupons and stocking up.

Here's my stock pile when I started:

 There really wasn't that much stuff in my linen closet when I started out and then picture was taken August 11, 2011.

Since then I have had to reorganize my linen closet and this is how it looks now:

I have all of my hair products (shampoos, conditioners) body washes, shave gel and toothpastes. Then the next shelf down I have all of my cat food I've gotten for free. The toilet paper I did not get for free but on sale.

 Since this picture was taken, I have actually filled the shelf up where my cat is standing. I have about 3 more bags of litter on that shelf and more cat food.

I guess you could say I'm "extreme". Most of my friends give me crap because of all of the cat food (about 44 bags). But really, I've gotten it all free and now I don't have to buy her food for a year +! All of the kitty litter I got for about $1.00- a bag and almost everything on the shampoo shelf was free or really cheap.

I'm starting to get over what people say about my "stock pile". I like being able to save money and stock up on stuff when it's free. Can you blame me? People just say that I don't need all of this. The way I look at it..it's money that I am saving that I can either save or use for groceries for myself. 

I hope you all are having a fantabulous day and I will try to start blogging more again. 


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back At It Againnnnn

Hi Dolls!!! It's been awhile since my last post. I hope some of you actually went along with doing the nail polish tag. I thought it was quite fun. Makes me realize how much nail polish I don't have! I'm actually wanting to get more now that I've kinda gotten back into painting my nails. Sadly though, I had to chop them down the other day because they were just too long.

I hope you all are having a fantabulous day on this lovely Thursday [I'm at home so that's why it's awesome for me]. 

I hope you all enjoy my posts about couponing because I really do enjoy writing them. I love saving money and couponing for me is fun, when there's something I really want and I know I can get it cheap.

Here's a G-R-E-A-T Deal I have been able to score for the past few weeks.

you ready?

F-R-E-E Kitty Food. I know, seems like all I've been able to really get free lately is kitty food. But if you did see my post a few weeks ago, you'd notice that I got some shave gel for free too. Here's the post.

Yes, it's a LOT of cat food. Here's how I did it:

Iams $3/1 cat food/dog food coupon
Iams Trial Size cat food $3.00 @ Target
Take off the Coupon = Free

I managed to score so far, 27 bags of cat food. I actually had two more bags but I've already fed them to my kitty. That would have been a total of 29 bags of cat food. 1 little bag lasts my kitty a week! So I have 27 weeks of kitty food to last me.

Now, I will note that I DID NOT clear the shelves at Target and I DID NOT purchase all of these in one trip. This overall has been broken down into about 5 shopping trips.

Here's a close up view of the ones I got. My cat personally loves the Natural chicken one [left], Indoor Weight & Hairball control, which she doesn't need the hairball part [middle], Original Chicken [right].

I still have more coupons for free kitty food that I plan on using. I love stocking up the baby girl so I can use my money toward bills and other things.

It's a great feeling when you've been able to score items for free.

Have you scored any items for free lately? If so, please comment below sharing what you have been able to get for free or even just any good deals you've come across.