Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm Hooked ^_^

Since I'm not really into doing a makeup blog anymore I've decided that one of the other things I'm passionate about other than photography, my cat and my cars is couponing. I'm not an "extreme couponer" in any way, shape or form but I do LOVE getting items for really cheap or FREE.

Tonight I needed to go to Target and get some dog treats for an event I'm helping host tomorrow afternoon at a dog park. The event is called "Car meet gone to the dogs". Basically we are having a car meet at a dog park to raise donations for local shelters and fire victims [Texas has had some pretty crazy fires up north of me].  So far we've managed to get Red Bull to sponsor us and my friend, who grooms animals, will have her mobile unit out there to do nails and such. We have about 50 people that are coming which is AWESOME because I thought we'd maybe have 20 at the most.

So yeah, haha back on track here. I went to Target because I had a manufacturers coupon for $1.50/2 Milk Bone treats and a target coupon for $1.50/2 Milk Bone Treats. They retail for 2.89ea. I also had a target coupon for a free Whisker Lickins Cat Treat and a manufacturer's coupon for a free Lipton iced tea. So after using all of my coupons I ended up spending only $3.01 w/tax on 4 items =)

Since Petsmart is right next door, I ran over there because I had a manufacturers coupon for a free bag of Crave Cat Treats. Well I had heard that Petsmart had a manufacturers coupon for a free bag of Crave cat treats when you bought a bag. Score! So I ended up getting two bags for free!! [My cat is a happy camper]

Total spent on 6 items: $3.01
What I would have spent w/o coupons: $11.19 [ouch!!!!]

Do you use coupons??

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Questionnaire! =)

1.) Mood:
Exhausted. I keep making the mistake of hitting the snooze button 20 times in the morning so I end up being even more tired!

2.) What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
One 6-pack of oreos =] hehe

3.) Name the closest red object to you.
My red retro tumbler holding my pens and scissors for work

4.) Current nail polish:

5.) If you could have any eye color, what would you choose?
I would love to have Blue or Green eyes. Brown just doesn't get as many compliments but I guess the plus to having brown eyes is you can do more with makeup =) 

6.) Outfit of the day:
Old Navy jeans, Solid Black chucks ;), Old navy tank top and my Honda Racing t-shirt

7.) What is the best movie you've seen recently?
I think the last movie I saw was Cars 2. Super Cute!

8.) Do you like karaoke?
Nope! Too shy..Can't do it! haha. I do sing with the bf in the car though

9.) When putting on pants, do you button and then zip, or zip and then button?
Button, then zip.

10.) Weekly goals:
Bring boxes home for donations, pick up dog treats for the event I'm helping throw on Saturday. We are doing a dog park/car meet all in one to raise donations for local animal shelters and fire victims =)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Possibly saying goodbye

Sadly, I think I've decided to just delete this blog. I'm kind of over doing makeup reviews and such when I'm really just not as excited about makeup items as I once was and don't have money to spend on makeup items. In other words, I wasn't doing something super exciting to get everyone's attention and feedback. 

I think if anything I will just start a new blog of just everyday life stuff. It would be a blog about photos (which I'm into photography), my cat, makeup here and there and reviews on what I like and just stuff I'm interested in at the moment. I feel that having a blog dedicated to just makeup, really isn't my personality. I'm not a die hard makeup fanatic and can't see spending $100 on makeup that I won't even use. I'm more of one of those girls that only buys something if I really need it. I guess you can say I'm really thrifty with my money lol.

Anyway, I'll make the decision in awhile. I'm still thinking of having a giveaway though. I've been meaning on having one just haven't gotten around to it.

I'll keep you all posted.



Saturday, September 24, 2011

Is It Love? - John Frieda Frizz Ease Review

I don't even know where to begin! This stuff is amazing! Not only does it smell unbelievable but my hair is super soft!

 I was lucky enough to get to try a sample of John Frieda's Frizz Ease hair products --The Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Serum.
Shampoo & Conditioner: ~$5.99 per bottle
The scent is amazing! The first thing I thought of was being in a pricey salon getting pampered. I love the smell and the consistency is nice, not a super thick shampoo but not really light. Both the shampoo and conditioner are of a white color and have a crisp, clean scent to them.

Hair Serum: ~$7.99
The scent is a bit different than the shampoo & conditioner but I think I actually like this scent more. It states on the package to pour about a dime's worth of product onto your hands. Rub into your hands and then apply to soaking wet hair from the tips to half way up (not applying to the roots!). When they say to use a little, they really do mean to use a little. I used a little over a dime's worth of product due to the fact that my hair is really thick. You'll end up having half of of the sample pack left for another day. I ended up putting mine in a ziploc bag so it won't dry out.

Overall, I love these products! They smell great and aren't heavy enough to weigh my hair down. I will definitely keep these products in mind when I run out.

Hope you liked my review =)

Friday, September 23, 2011

What it's all about -- I don't even know

I just want to say first off that this Hello Kitty for Halloween is the cutest ever!! It's at build-a-bear right now and it's super adorable. I'd love to have one but I'm not spending $23 on a stuffed animal. I know... <---Frugal---> lol.

Anyway, I really just wanted to write and vent. I'm basically tired of flaker friends. I'm sure you all have one of those friends that makes plans with you and then decides to make plans with other people without telling you. Yup. Or the friend you invite over almost every week and they are too busy at home watching a movie. Really? A movie? Hit pause or something and finish it later. Isn't friend time more important than watching some movie at your house? I don't know but it irritates me. Does it irritate anyone else?

Plus what I've been noticing a lot is that all of my friends are going out to bars. Every day I see "I'm going out to drink!" "hit me up, I'll be at the bar!". Is it really that much fun to go spend $100's of dollars at a bar? to get hit on by ugly, drunk guys? I just don't see the awesomeness in going out to bars. I went to a bar months ago with two friends that were (at the time) talking to each other. It was horrible. I was the third wheel when I didn't even want to go and the drinks were expensive -- I was broke so I couldn't buy any drinks if I wanted to. Plus I don't see the purpose of getting drunk. It's stupid. Along with smoking. My mom smokes but I just see it as a waste of money. Money you could save for a big trip somewhere or on other things. I don't know. 

Does anyone feel the same?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Head Over Heels - New Addiction

Now, I want to say first off that I've never really been the type of girl for heels. I've got big feet (unfortunately) and I don't like how I look. Basically I can't picture myself ever wearing heels but yet I see all of my friends wearing super cute heels. What can I say....I'm jealous.

For some reason, I'm totally into heels now. I think I started liking heels after I saw a pair my cousin was wearing that are zebra print! Omg they are super cute. The picture below is pretty much how they look. I'm not exactly sure where she got them.

It's tough to say but I'm totally in love with high heels now!! The thing that sucks though is that even if I bought a pair of heels right now, I don't have any cute clothes to wear them with. Plus! I'd have to learn how to walk in them. lol. 

Question: What do you ladies wear when it comes to wearing heels?

This pair of heels I absolutely fell in love with. They are on You sign up and take a little survey and they show you shoes that match your type. However, you can browse around. This pair is $39.95. If you're making your first purchase from the site, you get an additional $7.99 off! Plus it ships for FREE and takes 5-10 business days or pay $2.99 to ship 4-7 business days. This heel is the Rinnah and the thing I love about the site is that this heel actually comes in my size!! Yay!

If you haven't already, go check the site out. It's pretty spiffy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Giveaway Announcement: Josie's Nails

Hi Ladies!! Josie over at Josie's Nail is doing a giveaway since she reached 900 followers!! Click here to head to her page and enter.

Here's the prize:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Need to Start Blogging Again

I know I've been slacking a lot on blogging lately. I feel like my life is kind of like a roller coaster..Some days are good and some days are crap. Right now I've had more crap days than good ones.

Today in particular was crap. I got to work and decided to look over my time cards and see if my hours were correct. Well when I finished, I noticed I was shorted 12 minutes. I know you're thinking that's not enough to bother with but to me every bit counts because I commute over an hour to work and back Mon-Fri. Anyway, I decided to tell my coworker who does the payroll that she shorted me 12 minutes. Well she goes over the entire cards and tells me I'm wrong and then yells at me for getting into her desk to get my time card out. This is the same person that messed up on my time card a month ago and shorted me almost 4 hours. >.< So needless to say, I was extremely pissed off today. Not only that but when my boss got in, my coworker went in her office and slammed the door to probably talk to my boss about me. I really really need to find a new job because not only is she messing up on my hours but I am the one who does a ton of work and I only get $10 an hour. My coworkers all make 11-13.50 an hour. My coworker that does payroll gets $13.50 an hour. Ugh. I was so mad today that I decided to take a long lunch with the warehouse guys just to get out of the office.

Now it's time for me to look for a second job. I mean, I want to keep my job that I have now but if I can find something better....I'm leaving. It would be really interesting to know what my boss thinks of that since she's always telling me I can never quit. lol.

I guess really other than that I have just been depressed about my weight. I use to be smaller in 2005 and now I just can't stand myself. I hate it. I want to workout but I'm weird about that. I want someone to do it with me and it seems like all of my friends are going to a gym and what not and I just don't have money to afford being able to go all the time. Plus it seems like everyone is in gym mode. There's not one day that passes that someone isn't posting on facebook that they are at a gym. I'm kinda jealous because they all can do it. One of my friends lost about 65 pounds in 7 months or so and I'm shocked. I wish I could do that. I'm going to try but I guess I need to get into eating healthier and just go from there. The good thing is that my boyfriend is putting my road bike together so I'll be able to ride that around after work and what not.

Moving on..I did get to have some fun recently. My friends from Corpus came up to visit and well her husband had a meeting so we got to hangout for a day. Yay! Here are a couple of pictures I took of her cute little boy.

Ain't he a cutie pie!! I <3 this little boy. He was such a blast to be around. I took a lot more pictures than these three but I'm only going to share three for now.

I am still deciding on what I want to put in my giveaway so bare with me. It shouldn't be longer than a few more weeks to decide. I just want to make sure it's an awesome giveaway.

I hope you all are doing well!! 

XoXo Katie

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Non-Beauty Related Post

Hi Ladies!!! Just wanted to do a non-beauty related post today.
I know what your thinking...
"Why are you doing a non-beauty related post?"
Well, I just felt like it honestly and I wanted to share the "couponing side of me".
I know a lot more people are getting into couponing and I've been into since March of this year. I've always been a frugal person and with couponing you can get stuff for free or really cheap.
I want to share with you all some stuff that I have gotten FREE.

 I think the thing I love most about couponing is being able to pick up stuff for my cat for either FREE or cheap. In the picture above, I picked up 5 bags of treats and 3 cans of cat food for FREE.
 The bags of kitty treats are on sale at Target for $0.99 ea. and I had a $1.00 off coupon from Making all 5 FREE.
The can of Pro Plan kitty food was free due to a promotion they were doing on their facebook page. I actually have another coupon for another can of this. The Royal Canin can of kitty food was free as well due to a promotion Petco was doing where if you gave a can, you got a can. And lastly, the whiskas can of food was part of a BOGO coupon I had. I ended up getting it for free and the other can for I think $0.55.
My cat is a very happy girl right now =) The sad thing is I still have 3 more coupons for free kitty treats. lol

Here's my little stock pile in my linen closet of my kitty's food and treats. As you can tell she's already got her treat bucket 1/3 of the way full. Behind the bags of cat treats there are 23 cans of cat food. Yup! She's stocked up for quite awhile. Plus below this shelf [not pictured] there is a kitty litter bucket that I use to hold her dry food and it's about half way full. You can also see to the right in the picture there are shampoo samples.
 This shelf is above the kitty shelf and this one has all of my shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, tooth paste, hair products and misc items. Almost everything on this shelf I have gotten for free. I don't have a dog but I plan on donating the two bags of dog food and two cans of dog food to a friend.

I hope you enjoyed my post about couponing and free items. 

Do you coupon? What items have you gotten for free?

Would you like to see more posts like these?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Giveaway Announcement: D.G.S Beauty

A great Back to School giveaway is going on over at D.G.S Beauty! Here's what you can win!

Prizes: theBalm Overshadow "You Buy, I'll Fly", Laura Geller Coral Chiffon Lipstick, Essie Nail Lacquer Mademoiselle, Too Faced Romantic Eye Collection, Sigma F45 Buffer Brush, and a few misc. samples.

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