Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesdays...At Least They Aren't Mondays!

This is my first official blog post of 2011! Wow, I can't even believe it's 2011! Just last week it was my birthday and I turned 24. I had such an amazing birthday week. The boyfriend took me ice skating for my 1st time ever! It was amazing, of course, I did have to grasp his arm the entire time and he wasn't too pleased about that. I will have humiliating photos up later. I hope everyone is having a great 2011 so far!

Special thing that happened today after work was that I received the package that my Aunt had sent me. I was super excited last night because I checked our mail and saw the little paper in our mail box saying "You need to come to the office to pick up your package". So of course I was excited to pick it up today after work. Her and my little cousins picked out all the cute little goodies that were inside. Love them! Can't wait to light one of my candles!

Anyway, I figured with this being my first blog, I would do a questionnaire! On to the questions!

1.) Mood:
   I'm actually in a really good mood right now! Shocking!
2.) Do you have an New Year's Resolutions?
  I do. 1st one is to try to do a blog post every other day! 2nd is to take more photos and 3rd is to try and get in shape (or at least work out during the week).

3.) Where were you when the clock struck 2011?
  I was actually at home. The bf and I had just got back from a car meet at around 11:50pm. Just had enough time to turn on the tv to view New York and to do the midnight kiss :)

4.) Current nail polish:
  China Glaze: Pink Voltage

5.) What is something you are looking forward to in 2011?
  Purchasing a Canon camera and taking more photos

6.) Current outfit:
  Old Navy jeans, Old Navy Cami (orange) and my Bullritos t-shirt

7.) Do you have an phobias?
  Spiders!!! and Heights! I am definitely not a spider fan and I can't stand heights (yet I like roller coasters? lol)

8.) What is your favorite fruit?
  Probably bananas or apples

9.) If you could be famous for anything, what would it be?
  Photography :)

10.) Weekly goals:
  Workout more is definitely a must, take a ton of photos of anything and everything and overall try not to get too stressed out at work.     

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday tomorrow!!


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