Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dance Till You Drop!

Yesterday was a great workout day. I kinda pigged out at dinner time so I had to work extra hard on my workout. I ended up doing about a 40 minute workout. I didn't do the wii last night because every now and then I get bored with it. Instead I did Just Dance 2 and did 6 songs! Woo it's definitely a good workout! I was so tired when I got done. It felt really good. I upped my workout plan to hard or intense (still haven't looked to see which one). So basically I have to do 3 songs a night and get an average of 1,000 sweat points a day. Not bad! I also got high scores on all the songs I've been repeating!! Yay! It's fun.

Today I woke up way late. I woke up at 1:30pm!! So totally should not have slept in that late but whatever. I had a healthy lunch consisting of Lean Cuisine Sweet & Sour chicken. It was very good and filling with 300 calories. Later today we went to my boyfriends dad's house (where I'm currently at right now lol) and I ended up having a banana cause my tummy was getting hungry. Then we went out to Don Julio's for dinner. I got a taco salad with fajita chicken instead of beef and I know that meal is probably still not all that healthy but at least it was probably healthier than anything else on the menu. Anyway, it was yummy. I did have 1 soda but when the waiter came to give me a refill I asked for water next. So I did get a glass of water in my system today. 

Tonight I'm probably going to do Wii fit for 30 minutes and then my 3 songs for Just Dance 2. I love that game now. I love dancing and I use to love going to my dance aerobics class when I was in Junior College. Tonight we will be going to our friend Jason's house to hangout for a bit because Lauren (his girlfriend) is in town from Cali :). It'll be nice to see her again. So sometime tonight I will try to do my workout. I'm going to make sure I do at least a 30 minute workout every day! Had I not woke up late today I would have worked out. Eh, oh well. I kinda feel like this blog is going to be a workout type blog for me but tomorrow I will post up new pictures! I plan on painting my nails. Finally!! I'm getting tired of having yellowish nails :-/ 

Well I guess this is it for now! I hope everyone is having a good night!!

xoxo Katie

Picture of me back in 06/07

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