Friday, January 14, 2011

Charming Charlie & Forever 21 Haul

Last night Lauren and I went out to dinner at Samurai and then to Charming Charlie and Forever 21. It was my first time going into Charming Charlie and it was huge! I had never seen so much jewelry in my life! We walked around and picked out a few things. From there I got a pair of round purple earrings.

They were so cute I couldn't pass them up. Then we moved on to Forever 21 and I actually found two pieces of jewelry that were amazingly cute! The first one is a really pretty sparkly flower ring and the second was a pair of black earrings. They are dangle earrings with little flowers on them. They were $2.80!! The ring was $5.80 and the first pair of earrings were $5.80.
The ring was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't resist getting it!

These earrings were $2.80. I found them in the Clearance area, I guess you would call it that. I love them.

Overall I was very pleased with my purchase. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that when I wear the ring, it starts turning my finger a dark green color. I guess it has nickle in it or something. So that's a little irritating but I still love the ring!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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