Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sushi = < 3 in my tummy

I absolutely love sushi and today I got the chance to eat it.... again.. yay! Today was my man's 30th birthday...Yes, the big 3 0!We went out to Samurai Japanese Hibachi restaurant. It's so yummy! He got hibachi chicken and steak and I got temptation rolls and crunch rolls. Yum!

Crunch rolls in front and back and Temptation rolls in the middle
 This place is absolutely amazing. However, Ichibon has a better presentation and is funny. Samurai has better food, but the entertainment is kinda shot. We had such a good lunch with his daddy and step mommy. :) I think his birthday is going rather well. Tonight we are going to dinner somewhere with his mom and step dad. Today has been a good day. I'm still waiting for my parents to call Blake and wish him a happy birthday..because I figure since his parents call me on my birthday and wish me a happy birthday, that it's the least my parents could do.

Anyway, I'm done writing for now. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


Berries & Sky: A Tutorial

Today is my handsome boyfriends 30th birthday and I wanted to do a look that was cute and matched what I am wearing. We went out for lunch today at Samurai Japanese Hibachi. It was so good! I had temptation rolls and crunch rolls and Blake got the hibachi chicken and steak. It was so yummy! 

On to the eye makeup. .. . .. 

Step 1: Prime eye lids
            I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion..Just wipe it all over your lid.

Step 2: Use an eye shadow brush and choose your eye shadow color.

Step 3: Apply eye shadow color to complete lid. Repeat for other side.
            For this, I chose a bright purple color from the Coastal Scents Prism Palette.

Step 4: Take an eye lining brush and apply a different color eye shadow under the bottom lash line.
            For the brushes, I'm using the coastal scents pink brush set.

Step 5: Apply your favorite mascara.
            For this look I'm using the L'Oreal Double Extend mascara

Finished product:

Hope you guys enjoy!!!



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old Navy < 3

Oh how I heart thee! Today after work the boyfriend went with me to Old Navy. I absolutely LOVE old navy! No one can go wrong when it comes down to giving me an old navy gift card for birthdays and christmas'!

Well we browsed the mens section for the boyfriendo and found a shirt he liked that has xmen on it and found a pair of shorts and pants but we ended up not getting him anything. I went to the clearance section and looked around and found a tank top like the long pink one I have. It's not super pretty because it's like a puke green color but I like it and I wear them under shirts anyway. Well clearance happened to be 50% off the already low price. So I ended up getting it for $1.98! Score!

Even though I'm not a fan of the color really...who could pass up $1.98. I did try on a orange t-shirt but it felt short and I love longer shirts.

Next thing I got was another sweater because I feel like I need to have a few good, cute sweaters. I'm tired of wearing a sweatshirt. Last weekend I had bought a black one so today I bought a purple one! It was the same price...$14.50. But that's really not all that bad for a sweater.

I'm so excited that I was able to get a couple of things! I wanted to get some more long tank tops but they were $10 each and I was not really in the mood to spend that much. I also wanted to get some cami's w/built in bra for sleeping in because the two I have left really need to be thrown away. I've slowly been going through my closet and dresser throwing out old clothes that have holes and socks that are just eww. Pretty much going to start replacing the old stuff with new stuff.

Anyway, I have an old navy survey to do so I can get 10% off my next purchase. Which isn't a lot but it's better than nothing! lol

XoXo...Tomorrow's Friday!!!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Questionnaire Tuesday!

1.) Mood:
Content at the moment. Today started off pretty bad but my boss brought me a cute tote :)
2.) Glitter in your lip gloss: yay or nay?
Usually no, but I have one from Coastal Scents called Love Kitten and I love it!
3.) Can you freehand draw a good circle?
Negative! Mine turn out like ovals or really drunk circles lol
4.) Current nail polish:
China Glaze Entourage
5.) What is your favorite type of accessory to wear? (earrings, bracelet, headband, etc.)
Earrings and Necklaces but I always wear my class ring so I'll throw rings in there
6.) TV, video games, or internet?
Internet definitely. Although I do get bored with it at times.
7.) Current outfit:
Old Navy jeans, my teal vans, old navy cami, v-neck tshirt and old navy sweater over that.
8.) Do you like public speaking?
Definitely not! I get so nervous and rush through my speech and don't even look at the crowd.
9.) What is your favorite fit of jeans to wear? (boot cut, skinny, flare...)
Flare because they cover my shoes (I have big feet). But mostly I wear boot cut
10.) Weekly goals:
Take more pictures, pay off debt, pay bills, clean my apartment.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!! 

For Me?! Why, Thank you!

Today started off pretty bad. I grabbed two towels as I walked out the door to the hatch, knowing that I'd be using them to soak up the water on the floorboard. That's exactly what I did! There was a big puddle of water from the floor in the front of my seat to the back. So I put both towels down, one up front and one in the back.

On the way to work I started noticing the gauge cluster was acting weird, weirder than normal. Both the kph and the rpm would go crazy! Next thing I noticed was when I had the lights on it would start acting up and then when I'd turn them off, it would kinda go back to normal. Well, then I noticed that when I turned the lights on the radio would turn off and on again. So I kept the lights off and drove to work. I started smelling something but it wasn't burning, I don't think. So I just kept driving and when I was down the road from work the gauge cluster stopped working, the radio stopped working and the clock was dim. I ended up taking three videos of it spazzing out on me today. I called Blake and told him and now he's worried about it.

On a good note, today Krista had a gift for me. Suzi and her had went to Market over the weekend and they brought us all something back. Well my gift was this HUGE tote bag. It's got a giraffe print in gray and my name in pink! It's so cute! Krista suggested that I could use it for all of my car detailing stuff. So awesome! Since it's washable, I can use it for that or I can use it for when we go on trips :D. It's so cute!

Well, other than the hatch issues, today has been a pretty decent day. I will be happy to leave her at 4:30 and go see my handsome man! I love him so much and I'm so blessed to have such an awesome guy in my life. I love him with all my heart!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crummy Day

So this morning I went to bed at like 1am. Well around 4am I woke up and my stomach was KILLING me! So I went into the bathroom. Well I was in the bathroom till about 6am and basically sat there in pain. Finally I threw up. Wasn't pleasant at all. My throat was burning from the acid. Finally around 6am, I was able to lay down without having to rush back up to the restroom. Went to sleep and slept till about 1:30 or 2ish. I don't remember. 

I ended up calling me mom to tell her what happened because she had messaged me at like 8:30am asking me if I was up. So I called her and talked to her and my dad for awhile. Luckily my stomach wasn't hurting as bad. I did take more medicine once I got up. I got dressed and Blake and I went and got something for me to eat on the way to Jason's house. My stomach was so empty and I was so glad to have food! We got to Jason's and hung out there till about 8pm.

Now, we're home and I feel better...just exhausted still. I wasn't able to do any chores this weekend or clean so that apartment is pretty much a wreck but I'm going to try to get Blake to do some tomorrow. I hope.

Well that's been my day/weekend. Nothing really exciting. I did get a sweater from Old Navy Saturday night and I love it. It's black and has a hoody. Well, that was my weekend...bye

Online it's $20 but I got it in the store for $14.50!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nail Color of the Week: Entourage

So I finally got tired of wearing Sexy In The City by China Glaze. I had it on for a little over a week probably and just decided today to switch it to Entourage by China Glaze. I love the lighter green shade.

I had a little more trouble putting it on than I did last time. I had to redo my thumb nail. Whoops. Plus my nails look kinda crummy in the picture because I had to cut them and file them down. They were actually long, but I like them to be a little shorter.

Do you like this color?


Food For Thought

My second blog post of the day but I figured I'd share what I just made for lunch..Actually what I've been eating today in general.

This morning I started off with a small bowl of fruity pebbles with a little bit of 2% milk. Then around 10:30 I had a light string cheese. For lunch I'm having a Lean Cuisine steam meal. It comes in a bag and the one I got is chicken with bow-tie pasta and veggies. It's yummy. 270 calories.

Just thought I'd share my meal with you guys!

Have a great weekend!!


My Life: Explained in Detail

Okay so for those of you who don't really know me or for those that "think" they know me but really don't. Here's my life in short form..Then I'll go into details.
  • I'm Self Conscious
  • I'm Loving
  • I'm actually pretty shy
  • Not outgoing
  • Likes Traveling
  • Has Low Self-Esteem
  • Bubbly Personality
  • Kind
  • A Good Friend
  • Animal Lover
  • Car Lover

Pretty much that sums my life up. Well almost. I'll go into details on each bullet. Starting with the first and sixth. I'm pretty much self conscious of the way I look. I've always been overweight and I've always been teased about it. Got told in a high school history class when I was a Sophomore or Junior, "When are you due?" by a guy named Alec, who wasn't skinny either. Pretty much growing up I was made fun of how much bigger I was compared to my cousin, who has always been tiny. That being sad, I have not had a good relationship with some members in my family. It's hurtful when other kids tell you you're fat or that you don't look good but it's another thing when your family tells you. So that has a lot to do with why I'm so self conscious and why I have low self esteem.

Another thing people don't know about me is that I was in an abusive relationship with my first "real" boyfriend. I don't count Alex as a "real" boyfriend because we only dated for 13 days. (yes, I remember). Craig was my first real boyfriend and he pretty much ruined my life. I dated him for a year and half and that was way too long for me to ever date anyone that was that abusive. No, he wasn't really physically abusive, he was verbally abusive. I got called everything for ugly to B***h. I got told that if I wore my light colored jeans again that he'd rip them up because they look horrible on me. One time he got really mad and threw my cell phone at me and it hit my calf and left a huge bruise. Other times he destroyed stuff was when he got mad and punched a hole in the wall above the computer desk. Another time when he was mad he threw a glass from the computer desk into the kitchen and it hit the wall (leaving a hole) and smashing the glass into pieces. Yeah, no one really knows all of what happened when I dated him because I was too ashamed to tell anyone and those I told, didn't really care. They still thought he was a pretty good guy. No, he wasn't. He cheated on me numerous times. I know so because I saw his instant messages from some girl saying that she had fun coming over and spending the night (the night that was his birthday and I had made him dinner and dessert) and then another time was when I saw his facebook up on my laptop and he had been talking to this 16 year old in Ripon about coming over to take a shower with him. Yes, I was cheated on, verbally abused and yet, stayed with him. I know better now not to ever get with someone like that again. He ruined my life, my esteem, everything about me. The worst hit when he started abusing my cat. I got her as a gift from him and I loved her (ok not from the beginning) but he started abusing her. He'd get mad when she'd go under the bed and he'd throw her at the wall. The worst was when she got on the bed and started eating my sandwich, which it was my fault I left it on the bed, well I just shooed her way and he got mad and ran after her and she of course, hissed at him and he hated that. So he ended up chasing her into the bathroom and she jumped into her little cube bed that my mom got her and he pushed it down and started punching the bed. I pushed him and told him to leave her alone. So of course he's all steaming mad and gets in my face and holds up a fist, so I did the same thing. I'm like go ahead and hit me because I won't hold back from hitting you. So after that I took her and left. Since then I have basically been scarred. I try not to think about those crappy days. I'm just thankful I got out of that relationship and that I have Sissy safe and sound with me.

Moving on..I'm loving, kind and a good friend. I'm loving because I love to cuddle, I absolutely love my boyfriend, cat and family. I'm kind because I let people get in front of me in traffic, I help truckers move over in front of me if they aren't really sure they have room, I hold the door open for people (even if that means I don't get a thank you) and I'm just overall kind. I'm a good friend because I'm there for you when you need someone to talk to, if you want my advice I give it, if you just want someone to go hangout with you at the mall and not buy a thing, I'm that girl. I'm a good friend but always get screwed out of having good friends. Weird.

To sum up the rest so this isn't super long. I love cats, I love horses, I love pretty much any animal! I'm just an animal lover. I'm a car lover because I fell in love with working on cars/trucks thanks to my dad. I love traveling even though I don't get to do it that often. I have a bubbly personality because I'm hyper and I just am a goober. ^_^ Even though I have a bubbly personality, I'm not outgoing and I'm shy. Those who know me are thinking right now "No, she's not". Well I actually am. When I'm around a big group of people, I'm shy. When it's someone new, I'm shy. 

Pretty much that sums up my life. :D


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Night Out On The Town

The title pretty much sums it up. Last night, after work, I came home and got Blake and we zoomed over to his dad's house in the Z. Around 6:30pm we decided to go out to dinner. After much debate, we finally picked Saltgrass. If you've never been're missing out! It's A M A Z I N G! ! ! ! We got our drinks and the signature shiner bock bread.  Then we started off with an appetizer of french fried onions. They pretty much come out looking like strings of fried onions. They are yummy, especially with the sauce. After that, my salad arrived. Yum! I was craving salad all day! Then came our main course. I had steak kabobs with fries, Blake had a sirloin with mashed potatoes and fries, his dad had a steak and Marilyn had potato soup and crab cakes.

Saltgrass has the most amazing steak! It's moist and prepared well! After our lovely dinner there, we ventured outside into the cold and headed for the car. Of course, knowing me, I had to stop and snap a few pictures for my blog with my phone. ;) So I did that and hopped in the car. Off to Autozone we went.

We stopped at Autozone on the way back to his parents house and got two lug nuts for the Z. That's all it needs for it to pass inspection. So today he will be going back to the inspection place and getting the sticker! Yay! Legal car!

Well that's all I have to write about right now!

Hope everyone's day is going great!

Oh also want to say C O N G R A T S to Clint and Christina for having a beautiful 8lb 11oz baby boy this morning!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Working Hard As Always (not really)

I'm currently at work and it's 3:21pm. I have another hour and 10 minutes before I can leave and head home. As I am sitting here bored, I decided to take a few pictures of my desk area! :D Hope you enjoy!

That's correct!! It's Wed. Jan. 19th!

 Today has been a very slow day. I did get some of the website stuff done. We are getting in new products called Preserve. They are actually pretty cool looking. My job is to put them into the system for us to order and then find and edit pictures to put up on our website. So today I did just that, put into inventory and edited pictures. Tomorrow I'm going to start putting the new items up on the website.

Yeah, I know, I don't clean at work lol
 Here's my phone! Yes, it's amazing! Lol. I do all my important receptionist-like phone calls here. hehe. Maybe soon I will clean it. It's funny because from my angle it does not look dirty. Oh well.

Another thing I need to clean lol
 Yes, my keyboard is in fact, that dirty! I really do need to clean it but I just never get around to it. Oh, soon we will be upgrading to new computers!! Can't wait!! I told my boss though, not to get mac! Ick!

Blah..Today is going slow. It's only 3:33pm now >.< 

Well, I guess I should tell you guys what I ate for breakfast and lunch today. For breakfast I had Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal. For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with pepper jack cheese on buttermilk bread and had a bag of Lays Baked potato chips (with 160 calories per bag). It was yummy. Going to have some Ritz Roasted Veggie crackers here in a minute for a snack. For drinks today all I have had is a Snapple Strawberry Kiwi and a glass of water. Tonight I don't think I'll have time to workout because we are going out to dinner with my Future In Laws. Yes, I said "Future" because I plan on marrying this man! hehe. Depending on where we go tonight, I will most likely have a chicken salad or something close to that. I really want salad for some reason. Yum! 

I can't wait till we can do some grocery shopping and get some yummy stuff for me to play around with! Well, I guess this is all for now. I will probably post a little later after dinner.

Hope everyone has a great day!!

XoXo Katie

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hidden Treasures

I had been nagging the boyfriend all night to go on a walk with me. Finally he says he'll go. So we start walking around the complex. Well, we make the first corner and I notice a couch sticking out of the dumpster. Now usually people throw away their couches because 1. They're ugly.. 2. They are a floral print or Southwestern print.. or 3. They are torn to pieces. So just out of curiosity, we stopped to take a look at it. Come to find out it's basically a brand new couch! I was shocked! It did, however, have one seat cushion that was torn but really, other than that, it was mint!

Talk about finally finding something good in the trash! hehe. So we pulled it out and took a closer look at it. 

  1. Legs are still there......Check
  2. Back of the couch isn't shredded......Check
  3. No Scratches on the sides.......Check
  4. No other visible signs of neglect.........Check
Overall, the only problem with the couch was that one seat cushion was torn up a bit. Really, though, it's not that bad as you can tell from the pictures below:

 See? It's not that bad. :) Compared to what we were sitting on, it's a LOT better! The futon was hard, hardly any cushion and just hurt to sit on for a long period of time. Now we have a couch that's awesome looking (cause it's dark brown leather) and it's comfy! Yay!! 

I pretty much was so excited that I had to text his mom and then call my mom and tell her what we found. I mean, it's not everyday someone is throwing away an almost perfect couch. Most of the couches that are thrown away are filthy. Luckily this one was there waiting for us! Yay! It also sits in a little more than the futon did, so it makes the room look a little bigger. Plus it's a little smaller length wise so we have a little space on the side to put a small table or something cute.

Wait! It's not Monday..It's Tuesday!

My Best Friend and I back in 09! I miss her!

So besides thinking it was Monday all day instead of Tuesday, today is going pretty well. It's 7:28pm and I decided to write a blog entry before I go work out. I've been seeing a lot of people who have blogs and are working out. So I've viewed some of them and have seen what kind of food they eat. Not bad, but I'm just not a veggie burger type of girl. 

Today I kinda feel bad because I brought oatmeal to work for breakfast and it DID NOT taste good so I ended up throwing half of it away. So much for breakfast. Then I was starving at about 11:30am. Well since my bread was moldy, I couldn't make a sandwich to take to lunch so I had to resort to getting fast food. I mean I could have went to Wal-mart and got something but Wal-mart is so far away from work (not really). So I got Whataburger for lunch. I know, bad me. However, I kinda turned it around when I got home. I made beefy rice for dinner with lean ground beef, texas toast, peas and corn. I ended up eating a ton of corn. I <3 it. So anyway, I had some beefy rice, corn, peas and 2 slices of texas toast.

So I got this cooking light chicken tonight cookbook and I've looked through it and I've decided that this weekend we are going to do chicken + steak kabobs! Yum. I'm going to put green and red bell peppers, corn, steak, chicken, pineapple and squash on it. Yum! Can't wait. I'm also going to pick up some veggies and some pita bread at the store the next time we go. 

Anyway, I need to work out! I'll post more later!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Questionnaire: Yes, It's that time!

I Love Gerbera Daisies!

1.) Mood:
Tired even though I slept in

2.) What was the last thing you ate?
Steak Kabobs at Texas Roadhouse...amazing! and I love their bed and cinnamon butter

3.) Current nail polish:
China Glaze: Sexy in the City

4.) Are you a white socks kind of person or do you prefer colors/prints/designs?
I love colorful, crazy design type of socks but I usually just wear white or black

5.) Are you a texter or caller?
Definitely a texter, but I do call if I'm driving or if it's something too long to text.

6.) Current outfit:
Target PJ bottoms, Old Navy tank top and Old Navy long sleeved shirt

7.) Did you ever get detention in grade school?
Two times I would have had detention but the first time my teacher couldn't find her slips and the second time detention was canceled for the day. lol

8.) What is your favorite quote? (or one of them)
I'm not really sure

9.) Which celebrity's style to you admire most?
Hmm, tough one there. I'm not quite sure whose style I like more. There's too many to choose from

10.) Weekly goals:
Get back into working out everyday and start eating healthier (which now that I have my cooking light book, I can!)

Today I Splurged!

Blake and I went out today to Barnes and Noble and I got my "Cooking light Chicken tonight!" book. I thought it over yesterday and decided that I needed to just buy it. Yes, I could have gotten it cheaper online but I would have had to pay for shipping and waiting. So I just ended up getting it at the store. Yay! 

After that, we headed over to Old Navy to return a top his mom got me for my birthday that was too big. Well go figure all of that said top are on clearance! So I ended up picking up a different tank top and had to pay $8.50 for the difference. The tank top was originally $10 but when they took the $1 something off, I had to pay $8.50. Not exactly what I was wanting to do but why keep a shirt I'm not going to wear? So I got a cute light pink tank top.

From there we headed to a consignment shop called Hidden Treasures. I did not see many "hidden treasures". All of the stuff was mostly old stuff. Blake did like the bed we saw when we first walked in and I fell in love with a green couch. But needless to say, we didn't get anything. There was a cute little glass candle holder for $1! But I didn't get it.

Then it was off to Nissan to see about getting an oil filter for the Z. Of course, they had to order it so now we have to wait for that to come in. Oh well. Found out that if we replace the lifters it'll be $109 for 6.

From Nissan we went to Petco to get Slinky a mouse and of course we couldn't resist but to stop and play with the Ferrets! Both were young girls and they were so adorable! I can't wait till we can bring two home! Which that means we actually need to get a house since our apartment complex will not allow us to keep ferrets. Then again, they put on the website that they don't allow snakes either. Hmm, oh well. But anyway, we got to hold both of them and they were way cute! We'll be getting a couple when we can save up to buy the cage and goodies. Once we were done playing with them, the lady went to the back and brought me out the "mean, bully" mouse and we left. Snake liked it so that's all that matters lol. I don't mind taking home the mean mouse that picks on the others.

After Petco, we headed home, I fed the snake and then we hopped in the Z to take it to get an inspection. Well, I don't think it's going to pass because it has an exhaust leak and the windshield is cracked along the drivers side. Ugh! So we didn't end up getting it inspected because the guy said we needed to warm the car up for at least 30 minutes. So we left there and went to Advance Auto Parts and picked up power steering fluid and an air freshener since the Z stinks!

Then we got ready and went to Texas Roadhouse where Lauren and Jason met up with us. We had a pretty decent dinner. I think mine turned out better than Blake's. lol. That was pretty much our evening.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friends Who Aren't Really Your Friends..Hmm

Just thought this was a funny picture to put up
Everyday I question just who is a friend and who isn't. There are a lot of times that I want to hangout with someone and they are ALWAYS busy yet, can hang out with other friends. Or there's the friend that wants you to hang out with them but when you go to hang out with them they are busy all day at another friends house. Then of course they complain how you never hang out with them when really it's them who is too busy to hangout.

There's so many times I just want to delete half the people I know on my facebook because I either don't consider them a good friend or they don't treat me like a good friend. I'm at that point in my life where I'd rather just have my 3 best friends and call it a day. I'm one of the girls that doesn't need a lot of friends because usually they end up stabbing me in the back or doing something that I don't appreciate.

It's sad though, when you dedicate so much of your time and life to a person and they betray you. Before the end of last year I went through this crap with a friend, well at least I thought she was a friend. Now I can't even get my belt back from her or anything. I'm tired of dealing with people like that. People who don't care about your feelings, people who just aren't good friends.

Friends call you to come hang out - friends hang out with you when you ask them to, instead of making up excuses - friends keep your secrets, even if you get in a fight with them - friends balance their relationships so that they can still see you and still see their other friends at the same time.

When I was figuring out who I might pick to be in my wedding as bridesmaids (whenever Blake and I get married) I didn't think that I'd have to cut half of the girls off that list. I'm down to my best friend as my maid of honor and my other two best friends as my bridesmaids. Sometimes having 3 really close girlfriends is all a girl needs. As for having guy friends...well that's a different story. Sometimes I think guys are worse than girls. Especially if you're in the car scene with them. Ya, totally filled with drama.

Anyway, I'm done ranting...night!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Should Have Bought This Book...

But I'm waiting till I can buy it online cheaper (which I've already found it cheaper). It's an awesome cookbook. The boyfriend and I were in Barnes and Noble today and I wanted to check out the cookbooks for something that would be easy and help me cook "light" food. So I ran across "Cooking Light Chicken Tonight!". There are a ton of chicken recipes like chicken salad in a pita, sweet and sour chicken, orange chicken and so on. Yum! I definitely will be picking this book up soon!

The book retails for $17.95 but I've found it on Amazon new and used for around $9. Can't beat that! This was one of the only cookbooks I picked up that I actually liked. Most of the cookbooks I saw were just black and white pages. I actually like to see how the food looks before I make it and that's exactly how this book is! I love it!

If you have any good cookbooks you'd like to share, let me know!

XoXo Katie

My Mini Nail Polish Collection

So I decided to do a post about my nail polish collection. It is a mini nail polish collection as you can tell. I have only just started so I haven't had time to grow my collection.

I'll start off with my China Glaze nail polishes. From left: Turned Up Turquoise (Neon), Entourage, Sexy in the City and Pink Voltage (Neon). My favorite in the group is Entourage. I'm actually starting to really like Sexy in the City. I put it on last night and was disappointed that it looked more like the other colors of turquoise I have but as I took the picture and compared them I realized it's not. It's more blue! Yay! Moving on.

 I have two nail polishes by Sally Hansen and a top coat and base coat. I had just purchased the top coat and base coat last night. I have to say that I am in love with the Seche Vite top coat as well as the OPI base coat. My nails are so glossy and shiny! I love it! From left: Seche Vite Top coat, OPI Base Coat, Blue Streak and Pronto Purple. I started out using Pronto Purple. Then the next week I went to Blue Streak then Entourage, Pink Voltage (neon), Turned Up Turquoise (Neon) to finally Sexy in the City. After I'm tired of this color I'll go back to Entourage cause I absolutely love the green color!

I hope you all enjoy my mini nail polish collection post. Have a great weekend!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Sexy In The City Review

First off, I really thought this was going to be more blue but to me, when I put it on, it looked more teal and I already have 2 teal nail polishes. I started off with the base coat by OPI. It went on nice and neat but since I've never used it before, my nails are kinda beat up from painting them so much without a base coat. Then I put two coats of Sexy in the City by China Glaze and finished it up with one coat of top coat. I love the seche vite but it's definitely not a good idea to add too much because it takes forever to dry and if you start messing with your nails before it's dry it leaves dents.
Sexy in the City
 The color in the picture actually shows blue so I'm happy about that but it still looks like teal and I already have too many teals lol. But I like it regardless.

Let me know what you think below :)


Mini Ulta Haul

Mini Ulta haul is correct indeed. Merely because I only got 3 items when I went inside. I was bored at work today so I checked out to see if they had any good deals going on right now. They did have a $3.50 off any $10 purchase. So I printed out that coupon and went on to browsing nail polishes. tee hee. Well I came across China Glaze and they were $4.99! Also saw that Seche Vite was on sale for the same price. Regular $9.95! So I couldn't pass that deal up. I headed to Ulta after work and was in and out within 15 minutes. The hardest part was choosing which nail polish color to get. I had my eye on peachy keen but I decided to go with a really pretty blue.


Sexy in the City, Top Coat, Base Coat
Can't wait to try them out later tonight, if I have time. I plan on working out too. The boyfriend is gaming tonight so I'm sure I'll find time before he gets home to do my nails and workout. My total for these goodies was a little over $16. Not too bad but I still cringe when I'm spending over $8 for nail polish. I'm use to the cheap $3.00-$4.00 nail polish lol. But I am excited to try these out. Amarixe has used the Seche Vite and she says that it's amazing. So we'll see how well it is. I'll be posting pictures up later of how it looks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a 3 day weekend!! Yay!

xoxo Katie

Charming Charlie & Forever 21 Haul

Last night Lauren and I went out to dinner at Samurai and then to Charming Charlie and Forever 21. It was my first time going into Charming Charlie and it was huge! I had never seen so much jewelry in my life! We walked around and picked out a few things. From there I got a pair of round purple earrings.

They were so cute I couldn't pass them up. Then we moved on to Forever 21 and I actually found two pieces of jewelry that were amazingly cute! The first one is a really pretty sparkly flower ring and the second was a pair of black earrings. They are dangle earrings with little flowers on them. They were $2.80!! The ring was $5.80 and the first pair of earrings were $5.80.
The ring was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't resist getting it!

These earrings were $2.80. I found them in the Clearance area, I guess you would call it that. I love them.

Overall I was very pleased with my purchase. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that when I wear the ring, it starts turning my finger a dark green color. I guess it has nickle in it or something. So that's a little irritating but I still love the ring!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"You Give Love A Bad Name"

Couldn't help but quote that while I was watching "How I met you Mother". I feel like I'm going to be posting a LOT more considering we have internet again! 
Back in 2007 or 08


Tonight I did about 8 songs or 7 on Just Dance 2. I was about to pass out when I finished. Wooo. It was such a good workout though. Now that I've showered and am all clean now, I plan on going to bed soon since I got hardly any sleep last night. Just have to pray the car doesn't get stolen. It makes me really nervous now that someone was trying to get our license plate information to steal our car. It sucks. I'll be very upset if she gets stolen. I <3 Rayne.

Life is going to start getting crazy soon because tomorrow's Ben's birthday (from work) and we are going out to lunch. Then I'm going to meet up with Lauren and we are going out for Sushi since the men in our life don't like it. Then I have to figure out what to get my honey for his 30th birthday while still being able to cover Sissy's pet deposit, putting money aside for insurance and putting money into my BOA account. Then after all that is said and done I have to start figuring out what we will be doing for his birthday and what to do for Valentine's Day. Along with what to get him. 

Supposedly I have a couple surprises coming. He said that my birthday present should be here tomorrow so I'm excited to see what he got me. He was also telling me a few nights ago that he was going to get my bike for me. Awww, I swear he can be sweet at times. lol. Tonight though, he said he was not getting my bike for me but something else. So I have no clue what he's getting me. He knows I really REALLY want a camera..T2i maybe? haha I know he doesn't have enough for that. I'd be happy with the bike but I also feel like he shouldn't be spending that much on me.

Anyway,  it's time for bed!! Gotta wake up and do my hair tomorrow (if I wake up). Hope everyone has a great night. I'll try to take pictures tomorrow!


-Questionnaire Tuesday-

So it's officially time for a new questionnaire! I have been using the questions from If you haven't seen her blog yet, check it out! She does a lot with makeup and recently got a Canon T2i. I absolutely love her blog. Anyway, on to the questions!

1.) Mood:
Content. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night so today I definitely feel like a walking zombie! WATCH OUT! :)

2.) What is your signature sleep position? (back, side, stomach, etc)
I'm a side sleeper but I also tend to sleep on my stomach/side at times. Definitely can't sleep on my back. I'm just weird.

3.) Current nail polish:
Turned up Turquoise (neon) by China Glaze

4.) What was the last song you listened to?
Sugarland: Stuck like glue

5.) Current outfit:
Old Navy jeans, Old navy cami and Honda cowboys sweatshirt.

6.) What is your dream car?
Audi R8 v8 or v10 is good. Black or white with carbon fiber!

7.) Do you like to clean?
I like to clean on occasion. I've got to be in the cleaning mood and when I am, I'm crazy!

8.) What is your favorite Subway sandwich (if you don't go to Subway, what is another kind of favorite sandwich you have?)?
I get a 6-inch buffalo chicken on Italian herbs and cheese with pepper jack cheese, olives, lettuce, onions and sometimes tomatoes.

9.) What is your favorite pair of shoes?
Probably my vans slip ons. You can't have too many and they are cute! I love having different colored ones to go with different outfits.

10.) Weekly goals:
Take more pictures because I really do LOVE photography and not having a good camera is killing me. I also need to start working out again cause I had planned on working out EVERY day and well I did 3 days and quit. Other than that, just do more photography and blog more.

Hope everyone is having a great TUESDAY! Today we will have internet!! Yay. So I'll be able to update everyone from home and be able to post pictures! Yes!!!!

xoxo Katie

The Curse of the Threes!!

Flowers for his momma
Well my workout routine has worn off. Yesterday I didn't work out. Basically we got home, had dinner, went to Kroger and got his mom a card and flowers for her birthday (since we forgot) and then headed to her house to visit. We stayed there till almost 10 and played Farkle. 


Closer to 10pm my man came inside and was like "There's some black firebird that keeps parking across the street from me, with his lights off and just sitting there staring at the car". Then we notice him go down the road to a friend of ours and parks behind his car, with the lights off. "What is going on?!" I said. Well supposedly the guy had driven around the street and back a couple times to stop and look at both of our cars. So that freaked me out. His mom said we couldn't call the cops because it was county. >.< Well later found out I could have called the Sheriff! Ugh.

We headed home and stayed up late, fearing that the cars would be taken while we slept. So I got hardly any sleep last night and woke up late to work today. So my workout routine has gone to crap. Hopefully nothing crazy will be going on tonight and I'll be able to workout for a while and then straight to bed for me.

A little off topic but I'm so upset that my nail polish (after having been painted 2 days now, has already started chipping off 4 nails! :(  Oh well, just means I can repaint them "entourage" instead! Yes!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't Stop!

So I kinda messed up my working out routine! Whoops! Well Saturday night we were at my boyfriend's dad's house and we went to dinner with them and then went to our friend Jason's house to hang out with him and his girlfriend. Well, by the time we got home it was about 1am and then when we finally went to sleep it was about 3:30am. We only stayed up that late because our neighbor was having a party and we had to wait till some of her guests left so we could park our car up close. Lame!!! So anyway, I didn't get to workout Saturday night. Then Sunday I got up and figured I'd just workout in the evening and decided to do laundry, empty Sissy's box and do some cleaning. After awhile the bf got up and we sat around waiting for Comcrap to come out to install our internet. Well, I ended up calling them and they said that the work order was canceled and they didn't know why and then I got transferred to another lady and she said that I couldn't use our modem and that I'd have to use theirs and pay $7 extra a month. Plus the install fee would be $29.99 instead of $25! OMG! >.< So I was just like whatever, let's get this done. Then she tells me that no one will be able to come out till Tuesday. Well I guess I could have been a little more aggressive and told her "NO! Someone needs to come out today!" but I'm not aggressive. Then I had my lovely boyfriend sitting next to me giving me lip because I wasn't yelling at the lady over the phone. Whatever! So that ruined my day.

Well the day got better. We ended up going out to TGI-Friday's with Jason and Lauren. It was nice. We discussed nail polish, football, California and other things. Then we went from there to the Dollar Theater and saw RED. Omg most amazing movie ever!!!! I will definitely be purchasing this one! Might even have to get it for my dad cause I know he'd crack up watching it. After the movie we went to Jason's house and realized there was nothing to drink, so Lauren and I went to Kroger's and got drinks and cinnamon rolls! Yum. Well Blake doesn't like cinnamon rolls but since Lauren made them, he ate one. I can't even get him to try one! >.< Whatever! lol. Anyway, we sat down for 2 hours and played Uno! Haha It was so much fun. Finally it was 12am and it was time to go home. I think I went to bed at 1am this morning. Whoops! Oh well, I still got sleep lol. Oh and yea, I didn't get to work out last night but tonight I will be working out!

Nail Color Of The Week

So yesterday I finally took off the neon pink nail polish and went with a teal color my boyfriend had picked out. I love the color but the nail polish is really matte! I was hoping it would be a bit shiny like the other two. Anyway, the color is Turned Up Turquoise (Neon) by China Glaze.

Again, great color, just wish it was glossy. Oh well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dance Till You Drop!

Yesterday was a great workout day. I kinda pigged out at dinner time so I had to work extra hard on my workout. I ended up doing about a 40 minute workout. I didn't do the wii last night because every now and then I get bored with it. Instead I did Just Dance 2 and did 6 songs! Woo it's definitely a good workout! I was so tired when I got done. It felt really good. I upped my workout plan to hard or intense (still haven't looked to see which one). So basically I have to do 3 songs a night and get an average of 1,000 sweat points a day. Not bad! I also got high scores on all the songs I've been repeating!! Yay! It's fun.

Today I woke up way late. I woke up at 1:30pm!! So totally should not have slept in that late but whatever. I had a healthy lunch consisting of Lean Cuisine Sweet & Sour chicken. It was very good and filling with 300 calories. Later today we went to my boyfriends dad's house (where I'm currently at right now lol) and I ended up having a banana cause my tummy was getting hungry. Then we went out to Don Julio's for dinner. I got a taco salad with fajita chicken instead of beef and I know that meal is probably still not all that healthy but at least it was probably healthier than anything else on the menu. Anyway, it was yummy. I did have 1 soda but when the waiter came to give me a refill I asked for water next. So I did get a glass of water in my system today. 

Tonight I'm probably going to do Wii fit for 30 minutes and then my 3 songs for Just Dance 2. I love that game now. I love dancing and I use to love going to my dance aerobics class when I was in Junior College. Tonight we will be going to our friend Jason's house to hangout for a bit because Lauren (his girlfriend) is in town from Cali :). It'll be nice to see her again. So sometime tonight I will try to do my workout. I'm going to make sure I do at least a 30 minute workout every day! Had I not woke up late today I would have worked out. Eh, oh well. I kinda feel like this blog is going to be a workout type blog for me but tomorrow I will post up new pictures! I plan on painting my nails. Finally!! I'm getting tired of having yellowish nails :-/ 

Well I guess this is it for now! I hope everyone is having a good night!!

xoxo Katie

Picture of me back in 06/07

Friday, January 7, 2011

Workout Day 2 ... Dancing

Picture of Me From 2009
So last night for my workout I decided to start off with Just Dance 2. I recently got the game and love it. Of course there are some songs I am just not coordinated enough for. Anyway, I did the "Just Sweat" part and you are able to click between 3 different workouts. First one is Mild, Hard and Intense. I don't remember the specific names but the first one you do 1 song a day and sweat 300 points. Your goal is to get to 1,000 points by 7 days. The next one down you do 3 songs and try to get 1,200 a day (I think) and then the last one you do 6 songs a day and get 2,000? haha I'm not sure! Ahhh!! I guess I'll look it up again tonight and correct it in my post tomorrow.

Anyway, I did Proud Mary, Hey Ya and Wake Me Up Before You Go Go! I actually did way WAY better than I did the first time! Woot! I had originally got 7,100 points on Hey Ya and last night I ended up getting 9,100! It was awesome. Definitely a GREAT workout! I did the three songs and drank a bunch of water and decided to do about 30 minutes on the Wii fit. 

I started off doing the body test..Stupid thing said I gained 2lbs since the previous day! >.< Ugh. Well I did the body test and went on to working out. I started off doing lunges, 10 reps on each leg and then went to doing hula hoop for about 3 minutes. Then I turned my youtube app on to Amarixe and watched a couple of her makeup videos while I did 20 minutes of steps at a fast pace. By fast I mean, I do it at the fastest pace they have and go a little faster than that. It was a nice workout. Overall I did about a 35-40 minute workout. Felt good. Took a shower and then went to bed because it was 12:30am.

This morning I got up and was actually AWAKE! Shocking. Usually I'm tired and dragging in the morning. So I got up, got dressed, did all of that and made my smoothie. I got a packet of smoothie mix from Marilyn last night to try out today. It's a Caramel Latte smoothie mix from Weight Watchers. It was amazing! Tasted like I was drinking coffee. Not a fan of the after taste but oh well. It was also my first time using my blender and it was a success! I threw the smoothie into a stainless steel water bottle and on to work I went.

For lunch I'm going to have a philly cheese steak hot pocket and a few pringles (depending on how hungry I am). If I'm not that hungry I'll save those for a snack later on. I know you need to eat like 6 small meals a day or something to that effect. So I'll probably have a few pringles before I head home or maybe my 100 calorie pack of cookies. Yum!

On my agenda for tonight:
           Do a 30-60 minute workout (both wii fit and just dance 2)
           Drink a lot of water
           Go to a car meet

Agenda for Saturday:
          Wake up around 8 or earlier and go for a walk around the complex
          Have a good breakfast (oatmeal, even though it's the instant kind)
          Do a 30-60 minute workout (wii fit and just dance 2)
          Do Laundry and Dishes
          More Chores
          Do a 30-60 minute workout (wii fit and just dance 2)

Repeat for Sunday (minus the chores, if I get them all done)

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Forgot Something?

I did! I forgot to mention that I watched the 2nd episode of "I used to be fat". Great show. Shows people like me trying to lose weight, of course they get a trainer and they help them learn what to eat, when to eat it and all the workout stuff. It's an awesome show.

This girl lost about 90 pounds in less than 4 months!! I'm hoping to be like that. At least I'm going to try anyway. Just need to get motivated. I'm going to stick to my 30-60 minutes of working out everyday and I think on the weekends I'm going to wake up and workout for an hour and then before I go to bed I'll workout for an hour. I know I need to push myself and this show gives me the umph to do it! 

Woooooo hooooo!!


bye <3