Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crummy Day

So this morning I went to bed at like 1am. Well around 4am I woke up and my stomach was KILLING me! So I went into the bathroom. Well I was in the bathroom till about 6am and basically sat there in pain. Finally I threw up. Wasn't pleasant at all. My throat was burning from the acid. Finally around 6am, I was able to lay down without having to rush back up to the restroom. Went to sleep and slept till about 1:30 or 2ish. I don't remember. 

I ended up calling me mom to tell her what happened because she had messaged me at like 8:30am asking me if I was up. So I called her and talked to her and my dad for awhile. Luckily my stomach wasn't hurting as bad. I did take more medicine once I got up. I got dressed and Blake and I went and got something for me to eat on the way to Jason's house. My stomach was so empty and I was so glad to have food! We got to Jason's and hung out there till about 8pm.

Now, we're home and I feel better...just exhausted still. I wasn't able to do any chores this weekend or clean so that apartment is pretty much a wreck but I'm going to try to get Blake to do some tomorrow. I hope.

Well that's been my day/weekend. Nothing really exciting. I did get a sweater from Old Navy Saturday night and I love it. It's black and has a hoody. Well, that was my weekend...bye

Online it's $20 but I got it in the store for $14.50!

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