Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hidden Treasures

I had been nagging the boyfriend all night to go on a walk with me. Finally he says he'll go. So we start walking around the complex. Well, we make the first corner and I notice a couch sticking out of the dumpster. Now usually people throw away their couches because 1. They're ugly.. 2. They are a floral print or Southwestern print.. or 3. They are torn to pieces. So just out of curiosity, we stopped to take a look at it. Come to find out it's basically a brand new couch! I was shocked! It did, however, have one seat cushion that was torn but really, other than that, it was mint!

Talk about finally finding something good in the trash! hehe. So we pulled it out and took a closer look at it. 

  1. Legs are still there......Check
  2. Back of the couch isn't shredded......Check
  3. No Scratches on the sides.......Check
  4. No other visible signs of neglect.........Check
Overall, the only problem with the couch was that one seat cushion was torn up a bit. Really, though, it's not that bad as you can tell from the pictures below:

 See? It's not that bad. :) Compared to what we were sitting on, it's a LOT better! The futon was hard, hardly any cushion and just hurt to sit on for a long period of time. Now we have a couch that's awesome looking (cause it's dark brown leather) and it's comfy! Yay!! 

I pretty much was so excited that I had to text his mom and then call my mom and tell her what we found. I mean, it's not everyday someone is throwing away an almost perfect couch. Most of the couches that are thrown away are filthy. Luckily this one was there waiting for us! Yay! It also sits in a little more than the futon did, so it makes the room look a little bigger. Plus it's a little smaller length wise so we have a little space on the side to put a small table or something cute.

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