Sunday, May 29, 2011

My ABC's =]

I've been seeing a lot of people posting this and just thought I'd jump on the bandwagon since I haven't done a post in awhile.
Enjoy =]
A. Age:
I'm currently 24 and will be 25 in Decemeber.

B. Bed size:
My bed is a queen and I'm hoping one day we can get a king or something a little bigger because I like to sprawl out and so does the boyfriend.

C. Chore you hate:
I'd have to say washing dishes. I hate loading the dishwasher, I hate unloading the dishwasher. I can stand scooping kitty poop and vacuuming...but not dishes.

D. Day:
Saturday & Sunday because I'm off both days (yes I get the weekends off woot!). It's nice to have the weekends off and be able to sleep in and relax.

E. Essential start to your day:
I don't really think I have anything that's an essential to start my day. I usually just get up and go with the flow lol.

F. Favorite color:
Hot pink. I love hot pink. I have quite a few shirts that are hot pink =]

G. Gold or Silver:
White gold..I can't wear gold...ick

H. Height:
I'm 5'8 =]

I. Instruments:
I used to play the clarinet from 5th grade to 8th grade. I always wanted to play the flute though.

J. Job title:
Receptionist, Photographer, Web Editor

K. Kids:
None currently, but someday I'll have 2

L. Live:
In Humid Texas...ick (I'm a Cali girl originally)

M. Mom’s name:
Debi, or Debra if you want the correct form. =]

N. Nicknames:
Oh gosh, I've had quite a few over the years. My favorite that my grandpa and grandma use to call me was Katie Pooh, there was also Hurricane Katie when I was little and Katie kat in high school, Jdm Katie in college and that's about it.

O. Overnight hospital stays:
None to mention. Never been in a hospital for an injury actually

P. Pet peeve:
I have a ton! 1. People who can't use a turn signal
2. People who merge into your lane and then cuss you out when you're in the correct lane and they aren't.
3. You hold the door open for a group of people and no one says Thank you
4. People eating with their mouth open
5. Slow drivers in the fast lane
6. People who are rude and have no manners

Q. Quote from a movie:
"Holy snikes* that's going to leave a mark!" - Tommy Boy

R. Right or left handed:
Righty! My boyfriend is left handed lol.

S. Siblings:
I have 2 older brothers. One is a half brother and the other is a full

T. Time you wake up:
On work days I wake up anywhere from 6am-7:30am. Just really depends on when I want to be in. I'm supposed to be there at 8:30 but if I want to get there early and get OT then I wake up early. As for weekends, I usually just naturally wake up early.

U. Underwear:
This is a weird question but I wear boy shorts mainly or just plain regular style undies. I do love the lace ones from Victoria's Secret and pretty much my draw is Victoria's Secret. <3

V. Vegetables you dislike:
This is tough, cause I actually like a bunch of veggies but if I had to pick one I'd have to say beets.

W. What makes you run late:
Um, having to get gas in the morning, or my alarm doesn't go off. That's really about it. Oh! And traffic.

X. X-Rays you’ve had:
  I've had many x-rays done of both of my knees and then I had an x-ray done of my ring finger on my right hand.

Y. Yummy food you make:
I hardly ever cook but I'd have to say cookies are up there.

Z. Zoo:
I <3 the zoo, if that's what it's asking. My house isn't like a zoo though, I only have my kitty and my snake. But soon we want to get 2 ferrets even though I know they stink.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Devastation in Missouri

Those of you who follow my facebook have probably heard that Joplin, Missouri was hit by a deadly E5 tornado, Sunday night. So far 1,500+ people are missing and over 125+ are dead. It's so heart breaking hearing about it on the news and especially when I have family that lives in and around Joplin.

When I heard about the tornado, I was sitting at home Sunday night and my friend had posted on Facebook that something was going down but she didn't specify what had happened. I turned on the news and it showed the big tornado wiping out Joplin pretty much. First thing I did was cry and then hurry to get my cell and call my mom in California. Of course, when I got her on the phone, she knew something was wrong just by hearing my voice. I explained what happened and had my dad call my grandma and grandpa, who live not too far from there. Luckily everyone in my family was alright. The only thing that happened was that my aunts house was damaged, no electricity or anything and they had lost their business. So that brought relief to me; knowing that my family was alright!

I've been following the news every day and really haven't turned it off. I get home and the news comes on and it is only turned off when I go to bed. 

I decided that I NEED to go up to Missouri ASAP to see my family. This was a rude awakening for me. I moved to Texas not only for my bf but to be 10 hours away from my family in Missouri. Yet, I haven't gotten around to driving up there in the 2 years that I've lived in Texas. Well I've decided that I need to go up there soon. I was planning on driving up this weekend with it being a 3 day weekend and all. Unfortunately, I will not be able to due to severe thunderstorms, flooding and tornado watches still. I'm hoping to go up there in a week or two. Hopefully once the weather clears up, I'll be able to take the hatch up there, if I don't decide to go with my boyfriend's mom.

Anyway, I will keep everyone posted on what I plan to do and if you live in the Joplin area, prayers are going out your way!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mini Haul: Old Navy & Ulta

So I'm sure all of you heard about Old Navy doing their $1 flip flops today. I told my friend last night that we were going to get up early and go get 5 pairs (that's the limit they have per customer). Well ended up not getting there till around 1:30pm. Haha. She slept in and so did I. We still got there and were able to get a couple of pairs. I ended up getting a purple pair and a brown pair and she got a pink pair. Then we looked at shirts and I really wanted another one so I just bought a basic white v-neck t-shirt. It was $5 so who can beat that?!

Overall I got 2 pairs of flip flops and a t-shirt and my total was $7.58! They also threw in some Fruity Pebbles Treats. Yum!
Woo hoo!

Next stop was Ulta and I had my $5 off a $10 purchase coupon. I've been meaning to spend it so today I finally did! I ended up getting 3 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. 1 in Slate, 1 in Purple and 1 in Rocky Mountain Green. I also picked up a NYX round lipstick in Narcissus.  The NYX items were buy 2 get 1 free but I didn't feel the need to buy another lip stick to get one free. So I only got the bogo in the eye pencils.

Left to Right: Purple, Rocky Mountain Green and Slate

I'd have to say that I do really love the color of the lipstick, however, I don't know if my lips are really dry or something but every time I put it on it's like darker in certain spots and then looks like it's clumpy. I don't know.

As for the NYX jumbo eye pencils... I'm not sure if I like them yet. I tried to use the slate today and didn't like how it turned out so I ended up wiping all of my makeup off. The purple was pretty but it was like it was dried out. :-/
I guess if I don't like them, I'll just give them away or something.

Anyway, that was my haul :D

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shower Basics: Body Wash & Razors

So I've decided to start a new series on my blog dedicated to shower basics. Here I'll review shower products such as body washes, razors, shampoos, conditioners and more! In full detail you'll learn about the products used, what's great about them and also what's bad about them. I hope you all enjoy! **Let me know if this is a series I should keep or ditch**

The first product I'd like to tell you about is the Nivea Touch of Happiness body wash.

This was on sale a couple of weeks ago at CVS and I happened to have a MF coupon for $3.00 off. I couldn't help but purchase this since it was only $0.88! That's a bargain, considering these retail for anywhere from $4.00-$7.99.

The scent I purchased is Orange Blossom & Bamboo Essence. The smell is to die for! It smells just like oranges with a touch of sweetness from something else. I can't really describe the sweetness part. The great thing about this body wash is that the citrus smell isn't harsh. I don't know about you but I'd smelled some really harsh citrus body washes and lotions. This is mild but such a great smell. 

It says it foams without a loofah and it does. It's also really smooth and since it moisturizes, your skin feels super soft. I love it.

On a rating scale of 1-10, 1 being horrible 10 being amazing.

My rating: 10!

My next product to review with you is the Shick Hydro 5 razor.

I don't know if any of you are like me and are super picky about what razor you use. I know I am the worst when it comes to razors. I want something that cuts close but doesn't end up hacking me to pieces. I also want something that's smooth and glides easily.

I've always had a problem with disposable razors. (I HATE THEM). So when I got this razor, it was love. <---I know ... weird. Anyway, I had wanted to try this razor out from day one. It's supposed to be a "guys" razor but they always end up being the best razors. I got a free shick hydro one day when my boyfriend ordered some parts for his bike from danscomp. They actually throw in a free razor with every purchase. Which is a little weird but hey, I love free stuff. Not only was it free but each one I got has coupons on the back for $3.00 off razor refills and $0.50 off shaving gel.

Now, you're probably wondering what is so special about this razor. Well, this razor has a strip of hydrating gel at the top of the razor. I've tried other razors that have the gel on the top but they never really worked right. This one actually works and you don't hardly have to use shower gel or soap when using it because it glides across your skin with ease. Not only that, but it's perfect for a certain area that's sensitive (the lady region). 

If you're tired of getting cut up, this is the razor for you. I recommend it to any of you!

 My rating: 10!

I hope you all enjoyed this new series and let me know what you think and if you've used these products before.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I just want to take a moment and apologize for not blogging lately, or at least not blogging about makeup lately. I do have some really great news to share with all of you that follow my blog.

My boyfriend got a job !!! :D
Yay!! I'm so proud of him! He got a job at a bicycle shop which isn't all that great and they said he was going to be part time but come to find out he's got 40 hours this week and he makes a little less than me but it's ok. It's a job and I'm proud!!

Anyway, hoping that I'll have some new makeup soon to review with everyone! I have a $5 off a $10 purchase at Ulta to use up so I'm trying to figure out what all I want to get there :D

Giveaway Announcement: My Nail Graffiti

Just wanted to let you ladies know about another fabulous giveaway going on right now over at MY NAIL GRAFFITI.

Here are some details:

what you'll win ^^

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh Hai Tuesday ^_^

courtesy of google

1.) Mood:
Stress free! My boyfriend got a job yesterday and had his 1st day at work from 1-9. I'm so proud and happy and well, stress free. I'm also happy because his daddy said he'd pay for me to go to the dentist and get my teeth fixed which one tooth in the back had the filling fall out and it's been filling-less for about 4 years. I just haven't had money to fix it and now he's paying for me. I'm so blessed to have such awesome future in laws.

2.) What is your favorite summer snack?
That's a toughy. I'm a chocoholic but I do like pineapple A LOT. I just never get it because if I don't eat it, it goes to waste.

3.) Waterproof mascara-- yay or nay?
Nay. It's super hard to get off. I love the one I got (Volume Express one by one). It's amazing, but the waterproof part of it sucks cause I can never get it off. >.<

4.) Current nail polish:
NYC sidewalker (I think that's what it is). It's a gray.

5.) Do you wear a watch?
Negative. Don't need a watch when I have my phone. lol

6.) What is the ring on your cell phone?
Some musical ring tone that came on the phone. I have a different one for when the bf calls.

7.) Current outfit:
Hot pink vans, old navy jeans, old navy tank top and Dirt bros bmx t-shirt.

8.) If you had to do one, would you rather sky dive or take a deep-sea boat 300 feet under sea level?
Probably the deep sea boat. I'm afraid of heights so the sky diving one I'd probably have to have someone push me out lol.

9.) Have you ever had such a bad date that you made an excuse to leave early?
Not really. There was one time but it wasn't really a date.

10.) Weekly goals:
Breathe! lol.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Giveaway Announcement: Yuklui*Style

Good morning Ladies! Just wanted to let everyone know about this HUGE giveaway going on over at YUKLUI*STYLE's blog page. She reached 1000+ Followers and is giving away a ton of makeup. Go check out her blog here to enter!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Giveaway Announcement: Sara Hassans

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For more information on this giveaway, click the link above because for some reason I can't copy and paste what she has for information.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Giveaway Announcement: Blushingloves

It's that time again! Giveaway time!
Here today I have Blushingloves Mac Giveaway .

Here's some information on her giveaway!!

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Swaggers...yes you!

Just a friendly reminder to all of you that are on are some mom codes available right now. Go check out the blog! 

If you aren't on yet and would like to start earning free money (like me) then click below.

It's a fun and super easy way to learn points and redeem for free money. Today I redeemed my 5th $5 gift card. I'm planning on saving up a bunch of these and either purchasing my hello kitty purse that I'm in love with or saving for a camera lens.

So click above to enter! Plus if you are already on here, get to work! It's easy. Each day click Daily Poll and you get one point for doing the poll. Get 2 points for clicking through NOSO (just clip skip) and you get 1 point for clicking the trusted surveys button. Easy! Plus keep an eye out for daily codes. Today there was one for Cinco de Mayo and now this one for Mom's.
Have fun!

Giveaway Announcement: Josie's Nails

Josie's Nails is throwing a giveaway and I just wanted to let everyone know on my side what it's all about and how you can enter. Here's the prize and information on how YOU can enter!:

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CVS Extracare Card: Need Help

Ok so I swear I'm an idiot or something because I still don't understand the "Extra bucks" crap from CVS. I keep seeing people post up how they went there and bought this and this and used their coupons and then Extra Bucks took off like $2.77 and they ended up getting their stuff for free. Well does that $2.77 come off when you are checking out or is it something you get later? I think that's what I'm confused on because I was all set and walked into CVS to get some stuff and I used my coupons and it still ended up being $11.00! I was like whoa, never mind. Pretty much canceled my order and left. Hopefully I'm not the only one on here that's confused.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Giveaway Announcement: Hello Beautiful

Alright, this is my last giveaway post for today! I PROMISE! lol But I mean who doesn't love a giveaway?!

Hello Beautiful is having a giveaway! Click Hello Beautiful to enter.

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Giveaway Announcement: Jennifae's Beauty Blog

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Hello Ladies!
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Haulage from my Mom ^_^

So a few days ago I was super excited to receive some new stuff courtesy of my lovely mother! 
I love it when she sends me stuff. hehe.
I was really in need of some makeup remover and she was happy to get two different kinds for me. Same brand, just different form.
She also included a big bottle of my favorite hand lotion! Nivea in Orange Blossom. Omg so good!
I absolutely love the scent.

So far I have only used the wipes. They are gentle to the touch and really take hardly any effort to get my eye makeup off. I still have yet to find a great way to get waterproof mascara off. I think I'm just not a fan of waterproof mascara. It's such a pain in the butt to get off!

Has anyone used the Foaming Cleanser? I will probably try it out sometime this week and let you all know what I think. I'll also do a review on the wipes.
The lotion .... is AMAZING! It leaves your hands super soft and it smells AWESOME! I recommend everyone to get this lotion. I actually like it a lot more than any of my bath and body works lotions.

Stay tuned for reviews!!