Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old Navy < 3

Oh how I heart thee! Today after work the boyfriend went with me to Old Navy. I absolutely LOVE old navy! No one can go wrong when it comes down to giving me an old navy gift card for birthdays and christmas'!

Well we browsed the mens section for the boyfriendo and found a shirt he liked that has xmen on it and found a pair of shorts and pants but we ended up not getting him anything. I went to the clearance section and looked around and found a tank top like the long pink one I have. It's not super pretty because it's like a puke green color but I like it and I wear them under shirts anyway. Well clearance happened to be 50% off the already low price. So I ended up getting it for $1.98! Score!

Even though I'm not a fan of the color really...who could pass up $1.98. I did try on a orange t-shirt but it felt short and I love longer shirts.

Next thing I got was another sweater because I feel like I need to have a few good, cute sweaters. I'm tired of wearing a sweatshirt. Last weekend I had bought a black one so today I bought a purple one! It was the same price...$14.50. But that's really not all that bad for a sweater.

I'm so excited that I was able to get a couple of things! I wanted to get some more long tank tops but they were $10 each and I was not really in the mood to spend that much. I also wanted to get some cami's w/built in bra for sleeping in because the two I have left really need to be thrown away. I've slowly been going through my closet and dresser throwing out old clothes that have holes and socks that are just eww. Pretty much going to start replacing the old stuff with new stuff.

Anyway, I have an old navy survey to do so I can get 10% off my next purchase. Which isn't a lot but it's better than nothing! lol

XoXo...Tomorrow's Friday!!!


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