Thursday, January 20, 2011

Night Out On The Town

The title pretty much sums it up. Last night, after work, I came home and got Blake and we zoomed over to his dad's house in the Z. Around 6:30pm we decided to go out to dinner. After much debate, we finally picked Saltgrass. If you've never been're missing out! It's A M A Z I N G! ! ! ! We got our drinks and the signature shiner bock bread.  Then we started off with an appetizer of french fried onions. They pretty much come out looking like strings of fried onions. They are yummy, especially with the sauce. After that, my salad arrived. Yum! I was craving salad all day! Then came our main course. I had steak kabobs with fries, Blake had a sirloin with mashed potatoes and fries, his dad had a steak and Marilyn had potato soup and crab cakes.

Saltgrass has the most amazing steak! It's moist and prepared well! After our lovely dinner there, we ventured outside into the cold and headed for the car. Of course, knowing me, I had to stop and snap a few pictures for my blog with my phone. ;) So I did that and hopped in the car. Off to Autozone we went.

We stopped at Autozone on the way back to his parents house and got two lug nuts for the Z. That's all it needs for it to pass inspection. So today he will be going back to the inspection place and getting the sticker! Yay! Legal car!

Well that's all I have to write about right now!

Hope everyone's day is going great!

Oh also want to say C O N G R A T S to Clint and Christina for having a beautiful 8lb 11oz baby boy this morning!!

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