Friday, February 17, 2012

Sorry Ladies...

I haven't been posting much lately. Just haven't really had much to talk about and don't want to bore you all with my "couponing". Even though that's what I've been doing mostly. -- By mostly, I mean all the time. That's all I've been up to really is couponing. I've come across some great deals like free cat/dog food and free toothpaste. So I've been getting extra coupons and stocking up.

Here's my stock pile when I started:

 There really wasn't that much stuff in my linen closet when I started out and then picture was taken August 11, 2011.

Since then I have had to reorganize my linen closet and this is how it looks now:

I have all of my hair products (shampoos, conditioners) body washes, shave gel and toothpastes. Then the next shelf down I have all of my cat food I've gotten for free. The toilet paper I did not get for free but on sale.

 Since this picture was taken, I have actually filled the shelf up where my cat is standing. I have about 3 more bags of litter on that shelf and more cat food.

I guess you could say I'm "extreme". Most of my friends give me crap because of all of the cat food (about 44 bags). But really, I've gotten it all free and now I don't have to buy her food for a year +! All of the kitty litter I got for about $1.00- a bag and almost everything on the shampoo shelf was free or really cheap.

I'm starting to get over what people say about my "stock pile". I like being able to save money and stock up on stuff when it's free. Can you blame me? People just say that I don't need all of this. The way I look at's money that I am saving that I can either save or use for groceries for myself. 

I hope you all are having a fantabulous day and I will try to start blogging more again. 


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back At It Againnnnn

Hi Dolls!!! It's been awhile since my last post. I hope some of you actually went along with doing the nail polish tag. I thought it was quite fun. Makes me realize how much nail polish I don't have! I'm actually wanting to get more now that I've kinda gotten back into painting my nails. Sadly though, I had to chop them down the other day because they were just too long.

I hope you all are having a fantabulous day on this lovely Thursday [I'm at home so that's why it's awesome for me]. 

I hope you all enjoy my posts about couponing because I really do enjoy writing them. I love saving money and couponing for me is fun, when there's something I really want and I know I can get it cheap.

Here's a G-R-E-A-T Deal I have been able to score for the past few weeks.

you ready?

F-R-E-E Kitty Food. I know, seems like all I've been able to really get free lately is kitty food. But if you did see my post a few weeks ago, you'd notice that I got some shave gel for free too. Here's the post.

Yes, it's a LOT of cat food. Here's how I did it:

Iams $3/1 cat food/dog food coupon
Iams Trial Size cat food $3.00 @ Target
Take off the Coupon = Free

I managed to score so far, 27 bags of cat food. I actually had two more bags but I've already fed them to my kitty. That would have been a total of 29 bags of cat food. 1 little bag lasts my kitty a week! So I have 27 weeks of kitty food to last me.

Now, I will note that I DID NOT clear the shelves at Target and I DID NOT purchase all of these in one trip. This overall has been broken down into about 5 shopping trips.

Here's a close up view of the ones I got. My cat personally loves the Natural chicken one [left], Indoor Weight & Hairball control, which she doesn't need the hairball part [middle], Original Chicken [right].

I still have more coupons for free kitty food that I plan on using. I love stocking up the baby girl so I can use my money toward bills and other things.

It's a great feeling when you've been able to score items for free.

Have you scored any items for free lately? If so, please comment below sharing what you have been able to get for free or even just any good deals you've come across.