Friday, January 14, 2011

Sexy In The City Review

First off, I really thought this was going to be more blue but to me, when I put it on, it looked more teal and I already have 2 teal nail polishes. I started off with the base coat by OPI. It went on nice and neat but since I've never used it before, my nails are kinda beat up from painting them so much without a base coat. Then I put two coats of Sexy in the City by China Glaze and finished it up with one coat of top coat. I love the seche vite but it's definitely not a good idea to add too much because it takes forever to dry and if you start messing with your nails before it's dry it leaves dents.
Sexy in the City
 The color in the picture actually shows blue so I'm happy about that but it still looks like teal and I already have too many teals lol. But I like it regardless.

Let me know what you think below :)


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