Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Mini Nail Polish Collection

So I decided to do a post about my nail polish collection. It is a mini nail polish collection as you can tell. I have only just started so I haven't had time to grow my collection.

I'll start off with my China Glaze nail polishes. From left: Turned Up Turquoise (Neon), Entourage, Sexy in the City and Pink Voltage (Neon). My favorite in the group is Entourage. I'm actually starting to really like Sexy in the City. I put it on last night and was disappointed that it looked more like the other colors of turquoise I have but as I took the picture and compared them I realized it's not. It's more blue! Yay! Moving on.

 I have two nail polishes by Sally Hansen and a top coat and base coat. I had just purchased the top coat and base coat last night. I have to say that I am in love with the Seche Vite top coat as well as the OPI base coat. My nails are so glossy and shiny! I love it! From left: Seche Vite Top coat, OPI Base Coat, Blue Streak and Pronto Purple. I started out using Pronto Purple. Then the next week I went to Blue Streak then Entourage, Pink Voltage (neon), Turned Up Turquoise (Neon) to finally Sexy in the City. After I'm tired of this color I'll go back to Entourage cause I absolutely love the green color!

I hope you all enjoy my mini nail polish collection post. Have a great weekend!


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