Friday, March 4, 2011

Piggy Paint Collection

I figured I would introduce Piggy Paint to everyone. We started carrying these at my job and they have such fun, vibrant colors. Everything from hot pink to black.

Don't mistake these nail polishes to be just like every other nail polish. These are kid-friendly, eco-friendly nail polishes. They are nearly odorless, non-toxic and great for kids just learning how to paint their nails. Not only are these nail polishes great for little kids, but pregnant mom's can use this because it's safe during pregnancy! 

There are 30 colors total to choose from! Above colors are from Dragon Tears (Green) left. Sometimes sweet (red), Clouds of Candy (Lt Blue), Twinkle Toes (Silver), LOL (Hot Pink), Girls Rule (Plum pink color), Forever Fancy (Pink), Tea Party For Two (Blue) and Sleepover (Black).

My favorite out of this line up is Forever Fancy and LOL. I love pinks and the brighter, the better! These retail for $8.99 and can be purchased on and . These would make a great addition to everyone's nail polish collection. My boss has been wearing Sometimes Sweet on her toenails for two weeks now and she's found minimal chipping.

Not only does Piggy Paint carry nail polish but they carry a mini pedicure set, nail polish remover, top coat and base coat and 3D nail art! If you have a little girl and you're worried about them getting into your nail polish and your remover -- this is the stuff for you. As they state on their website "Natural as mud". The texture of this nail polish is the same as any other nail polish. It's not too thin, or too thick.

The 3D nail art comes in Hearts, Stars and Flowers and retail for $2.99. These can also be purchased from both sites.

So if you're looking for something new to try, then try these. The cool thing about these is they actually have a glow in the dark nail polish!! I really want to try that one!

So far I have only tried the silver one and I don't really recommend that one because to me it was too thick and the sparkles I think make it that way. Plus the one draw back of this nail polish is that it takes FOREVER to dry. It says on their website to blow dry your nails but that just makes your hands hot. lol.

Anyway, here is a collection shot of what they have...

Hope you all enjoy my post :)

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