Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: Courtesy of Amarixe :)

My <3 is with Japan
1.) Mood: 
      Content, I'm a little tired because it's really hard getting use to the time change and I  have to drive to work at night time pretty much lol.
2.) Do you have a subscription to any magazines?
      Nope. If I want a magazine I usually just go into the book store or Walmart and buy it
3.) Name one thing you are looking forward to in the near future.
      My best friend coming down from AZ to visit for almost 2 weeks and possibly going to MO to visit my grandparents the following month.

4.) Current nail polish:
      Nothing at the moment. I was wearing Gamer Glam but I peeled it off. I'm waiting till tonight to do my St. Patty's Day Look.

 5.) Do you know how to identify any constellations?
       I can identify orions belt, the little and big dipper. That's it lol.
6.) Do you like the idea of electronic reading (Kindle, iPad, etc.) or prefer an old-fashioned book?
     I'd rather just read a book.
7.) Current outfit:
      Jeans, tank top, t shirt and a sweater. It was kinda chilly this morning.
8.) Do you like karaoke?
      Only when I'm the only one singing and I'm in the car by myself lol.
9.) What was your favorite cereal as a kid?
      I'd have to say Lucky Charms
10.) Weekly goals:
        Get bills paid off, take more photos, do my makeup more often than just on the weekends lol.


  1. Your best friend lives in AZ?! Thats where I'm from haha =)

  2. That's awesome! Where at? I use to live in Cali and I'd do the 10 hour drive to see her in Peoria. I actually like AZ except for the heat. That's the killer for me