Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 23: Favorite Vacation

California!!! I was born and raised there my entire life, up till December 2008 when I moved in with my boyfriend out of state.

We ended up going to California for a week because my grandma was having surgery for cancer.

Hard Rock Cafe in San Francisco, CA

Just getting my day started at a friends house

Bf and I eating with my mom at Carl's Jr.

Best Place Ever!! Hot Dog on a Stick! Yum

Sephora! This one just opened up not too long after I moved

Dad driving

Part of my family waiting in the hospital for my grandma's surgery

A Boat at the Pier in San Francisco, CA

Cable Car Ride! It was awesome!

I loved this part of the trip! Plus the hot asian guy running the brakes ;)

Japantown! Most awesome place ever!!


  1. Your pictures are great! What camera do you use?

  2. Thanks! I use a Canon Rebel XS for's my boyfriends Stepmom's camera but I will eventually be getting my t2i :)

  3. San Francisco is so beautiful, my boyfriend and i try to go once a year!

  4. That's awesome! I use to live in California so I got to go quite often but 2 years ago I moved to Texas to be with my bf