Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 5: What's in My Purse

This is the purse (tote) I am currently using. I got this tote while I was at Disneyland back in 07. The only problem with this tote is that I end up stuffing so much crap into it. hahaha. Here's the contents of my purse:
  1. Lanyard with keys
  2. Cable Car Ticket (From Cali trip)
  3. Chip Clip (brought chips to work)
  4. 3 lipglosses
  5. 1 roll on perfume from Victoria's Secret
  6. 2 hair clips (these always come in handy)
  7. Vitamin C because I've been sick for a month now :-/
  8. Ibuprofen
  9. Receipts galore!
  10. 2 Oatmeal packets for breakfast at work
  11. 2 colorful pens
  12. a Tampon
  13. My Gate card
  14. A Hospital mask from when I visited my granny and had a cold (didn't want to get her sick right after surgery)
  15. A to-go drink packet  

Well, that covers everything in my purse. The cell phone is my boyfriends and as you can tell by how it looks, he doesn't take good care of his stuff . 

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