Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Important!! I Love Japan: Stickers!!

I feel like I'm in blogger mode tonight. So a friend of mine posted up a picture of some I <3 Japan stickers that he will be selling to raise money for the Red Cross. All of use (Car Scene People) are trying to help Japan out as much as we can. Without them, we'd have no Civics, Integras and so on.

You can put these stickers on your car, binder, file cabinet (random), fridge (another random) and well, wherever else you want to put it! 

They are $3.50 each and like I said above.. the money all goes to the Red Cross for Japan. This is a great way for everyone to help out even in the rough economy we have here. Remember, even donating the smallest amount is still helping!! So if you'd like to purchase some of these I will post the paypal information below.

I actually plan on getting three of these for my cars because we have a Nissan z31 and 2 Honda Civic Hatches (twins). All Japan made cars, so why not show Japan some love :)

Paypal:  t.schultz97@gmail.com 
Price: $3.50 ALL proceeds will go to the Red Cross to help out Japan.

Japan needs us!

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