Friday, March 4, 2011

Easy Eye Makeup Remover!

Did you know that Olive Oil is a great way to remove eye makeup?! I didn't know that until the other day when a friend of mine told me about using olive oil. Since I'm low on money all the time due to bills, she told me to use a little olive oil on some cotton balls and just rub it across my eye lids.

I don't use any particular brand, this is just what was in my pantry. To test it out, I made sure I put a lot of makeup on! I put eyeliner really thick and a bunch of eyeshadow and primer. The olive oil got everything off except my mascara but when I take my shower that comes off pretty easily.

Who would have thought that olive oil would be such a great alternative to expensive makeup removers? I know I didn't.

Oh, after using this I was sure to wash my face with soap and water to get any extra oil off.


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