Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1: Intro

Well I'd like to start off with my name is Katie. I'm 24 years old. I live in Texas with my handsome bf, who at times, annoys the crap out of me. (love you honey). I was born and raised in California and love the state but decided I needed a change. I have a cute kitty that I love to death and I am totally all about cars!

15 interesting facts about me:
  1. I bite my nails..bad habit I know
  2. Mountain Dew is liquid crack for me
  3. Taco Bell is amazing
  4. I'm a Honda Girl
  5. If I had a million dollars I'd probably spend it on car stuff
  6. I use to have allergies in Cali and now I don't
  7. I have a horseshoe birth mark on the side of my knee on my right leg
  8. I'm the baby in my family
  9. Hot pink use to be my most hated color and now it's my favorite
  10. Yes, I love Twilight
  11. I love to repaint my nails
  12. I love bright colors
  13. I could live off of corndogs
  14. Panda Express Orange Chicken is a weakness
  15. I'm just now learning how to correctly apply makeup

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