Friday, March 11, 2011!!!

Thank you Linda Love for mentioning!!! I absolutely love that website and the other day I received a gift in the mail from my mom from there! I was so excited. Here is the link to Linda Love's blog page.

Anyone interested in what I got?
Ok, I'll share :)


I absolutely love this wallet!!

I love how much room this wallet has! It has room for 6 cards, my license, cash and a check book. On the back there's a zipper pocket for coins. Plus the good thing about this wallet is it snaps closed but the snap is magnetic so it keeps it closed!

This cute little hello kitty tag came on the purse and it's so adorable. I don't know why I think this is adorable since it's just a tag but it is!

Thanks Mom for the cute wallet!! I only wish they had the purse still!! :( I'm waiting to hear back from them to see if they are still going to have the purse or if they'll bring it back.


  1. That wallet is adorable! Aw that is so sweet. Thank you so much for linking me on your post <3

  2. You're very welcome daughter! I admit, it is really cute! We'll cross our fingers for the purse.:)

  3. @ Linda Love..Thanks!! and you're welcome! I figured I'd give you a shout out since you introduced me to that site <3

    @Mom...I've emailed them 3 times, so I'm hoping to hear back about the purse either this weekend or Monday.