Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 28: Something that stresses Me out

My Stress Factor:
Friends (definitely)

There's just so much. Money stresses me out because I never seem to have enough and bills are always due when I want to buy stuff. So needless to say, I never get to really buy anything for myself.
Work stresses me out because I always seem to have so much to do..From website stuff to helping pack boxes. It's crazy but in a way it's a good kind of stress. Keeps you on top of your toes!

Cars are stressful because it seems like every time you fix one of them, the other breaks or something just isn't working properly. 

Life is always just stressful because you have to deal with people who don't know how to drive. You sit in traffic for hours trying to get home and relax from a long day at work. Of course, there's also....GAS PRICES!! *shutters* We won't even talk about that.

Friends and Family are last on my list of stress because really, it's a stress we all have. lol. I don't need to go into detail on that one. :)

Have a Great MONDAY!

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