Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update On My Life: Eeeek!

I Love Gerbera Daisies!! <3

I know this is definitely not beauty related but I thought I'd do a little update on my life. I got to talk to my grandma today who is dealing with Chemo since she had cancer in her colon. She is doing great. The doctor said that if she hasn't started having symptoms now, that she won't get them. Yay! I'm so happy because I don't want to see my grandma in pain (or well hear her in pain since I obviously can't see her by living in another state). She's such a hoot! She was telling me how she's shrunk 1/3 of an inch and is all excited cause she never liked being tall. :] Such a dork.

Today when I talked to my mom she asked me, "Did you sign me up for a little makeup bag thing from Target? I got it in the mail today". I replied, "Yes, Yes I did :] I thought you'd like it and I figured I could sign you up while I signed myself up". She replied, "Aww, I like it a lot". Hehehe.

Oh....April 15th is my dad's 63rd birthday! He's such an old man..haha not really. He actually acts like he's my age (not personality wise). He gets on his motorcycle and goes on rides and takes his quad up the hills to play in the snow. So for his birthday he keeps telling me he wants nothing and then tells me that he'll take a couple of shirts. I went on Cabella's website and got him one of his favorite shirts in a really pretty red. I think it'll go great with his salty peppery hair. LoL.

Life has been pretty good lately. Yesterday though, hit pretty hard. My boyfriend found out that his unemployment was out that day. So now all of the bill stress will be put on me. That means it's time to try to sell some bows. If I get 2 more people to buy even just 1 bow each then I will start an Etsy store. So if you know people that are interested in hair accessories shoot them over to my blog.

Other than that, my life has been pretty good. Need to start working out because I'm tired of being my size..Eeek. It's pretty bad when your friend texts you and tells you they have lost weight and if you want their jeans and you can't even fit into them. >.< Sadness. Guess I need to start doing Just Dance 2 again every night.

OH! My bestie from AZ is coming to visit tomorrow! Well, I'll see her Friday because she's staying with my friend. It'll be her first time meeting him and trust me...She's all he ever talks about since the first day I showed him her picture. *rolls eyes*. It should be a fun almost 2 weeks.

Hope everyone else is doing good!


  1. Glad to hear your Grandma is feeling better now! and so sorry about bills stress if I wore pretty bows like that I'd definitely buy them off you they're such a great price! I hope you manage to get an etsy store up and running. Why don't you do another page on your blog (with tabs) so you can have the bows on sale all the time? X

  2. Thanks. I might just consider doing that :)