Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Etsy Shop or No Etsy Shop?

Hi Everyone!!
 Lately, I've been thinking about opening up an Etsy store to sell some of my hair bows and pins. The question is would anyone buy them? Right now I think it would be something cool to do to try to bring in a little extra money since my boyfriend's unemployment ran out. All of the bills and stress are back on me again.
I think if I can make 2 more sells then I will officially open an Etsy store. I've already had one person buy 3 bows from me. So I think with 2 more sells, I should open a store.

I just want all of your opinions and would any of you actually buy these?
These are all of the new ones I have made since yesterday. I have a Large cherry with leaves, a small cherry with leaves, two retro flowers (one big and one small), a little girls school bow and a dragonfly hair clip.

All of the above are available if any of you ladies are interested in purchasing any. Here are my prices:
Large Flower: $6.50
Small Flower: $5.50
Dragonfly: $3.50

All of these are handmade with love by me :]
Shipping is $2.00 per item

Here are a few pictures of me actually wearing a few different ones..

I'd love to hear everyone's opinions and if you do want to purchase some let me know :]


  1. what's to lose? i would DEFINITELY open an etsy shop- your bows are so adorable!!

    love your blog! following you now :)


  2. I would definitely open an etsy shop! They're so cute!

  3. Thanks gals! My goal is to make two more sells and then open my store. If I don't make the two sells then I'm not opening it.