Friday, April 22, 2011

Giveaway Announcement: Squeeze The Pug

Squeeze the Pug is having a giveaway and here's some info on how to enter: Enter HERE


To enter, you need to follow Squeeze The Pug publicly via Goggle Friend Connect (GFC) and state that you would wish to enter. This is the minimal requirement for an eligible entry.

To maximise your chances of winning, you can collect additional points. The way you can collect points depends on whether you are a fellow blogger (if you own & write a blog yourself) or not a blogger:

If you're a fellow blogger:
1) Blog about this Chanel Giveaway on your page ( + 1 point)
2) Place a link of this Chanel Giveaway  (link image below) on the side bar of your home page. (+1 point)

SPECIAL TREATMENTS: There are a handful of people (Babi, Nelah, Lingtung, Allie, Elle) who have in the past blogged or made honorable mention of Squeeze The Pug or even sent e-awards. Thank you again! To enter, all you have to do is state you want to enter and you will automatically get the ultimate 5 points)

If you're not a blogger (ie only reads/browse/look), you can still collect additional points by:
1) Spreading the word about Squeeze The Pug. For every friend that FOLLOWS equals +1 point. (maximum of +2 points)

So, the more points, the better the chances of winning. To ensure you bank in those additional points, do let me know that you have done so.

The closing date for this CHANEL GIVE AWAY ENTRY is in 100 days time which is 12 July 2011.
One winner will be randomly selected and will take the massive loot. The will be announced on Squeeze The Pug page (soon after the closing date). Failure to claim will lead to a re-draw. So, Good Luck!

Ops, forgot to say: All entries welcome. UK or non-UK (unless you have strange postal address like somewhere in Narnia or North pole, in which case you instantly get disqualified)- that is for wasting the Pug squeezer's time!

The Lucky winner will win :


  1. Woooow, thanks for the amazing giveaway :) Please enter me!

    GFC: Charlene

  2. you have to click the link above to go to her page