Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mini Target Haul

Today my friend Lauren and I went to Target to get some nail polish that I had a coupon for. I actually saw this post on The Coupon Posse'.
She posted up a coupon for NYC nail or lip products. $1 off one product! Not bad. Well Target right now has then at $1.76. So minus the $1 coupon and it's $0.76 cents. With Tax it's $0.78 cents!
What a bargain for a nail polish. That's cheaper than some of those little mini bottles.
Anyway, here's the link to her post for the coupon.

Moving on. These are the two nail polishes I got for $0.78 cents each because I printed up 2 coupons and did two different transactions.

Left: Sidewalkers and Right: Midtown

Sorry for the some what horrible pictures. I don't have the fancy camera on me so I actually had to use the flash to get the colors to look like how they do in real life.

Anyway, the colors are gray and a really pretty somewhat sparkly pink with blue sparkles (I guess). I've been looking for a gray nail polish that was cheap so I could actually see how gray nails look on me and of course I wanted another pink nail polish because my medicine cabinet is over run with greens lol.
Anyway, go get your coupon and go buy some cheap nail polish!!


  1. that's a great deal. i find some of there polishes are actually pretty good. i bought one in december and it's pretty much completely opaque in just once coat :D

  2. Such a great deal and such pretty colors! :)

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I hope the colors are as awesome on paper as they are on nails..Haven't tried them yet but once my hot pink starts coming off then I will try them out :D