Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Target Haul and Other Goodies

Went and did a bit of shopping at Target last night before my court hearing. Ended up picking up a few goodies I just thought I'd share with you because honestly, I'm in <3 with the socks I got. Yes, a little weird but they are super cute!

My friend Ashley gave me a $50 gift card for Target because I used my $25 Christmas gift card for her to get groceries. She was very sweet by giving me a gift card when she had money even though she did not have it. It's what friends are for. But nonetheless, I used part of it last night.

Picked up 4 pairs of socks @ $1.50ea. A set of ceramic cereal bowls (boyfriend loves these because they are pretty big) 2 @ $5.58. Then I got a new pizza pan with holes in the bottom because the one we have REALLY badly needs to be replaced! 1 pan @ $12.77 (sale!) and then I got a bag of conversation hearts because the boyfriend loves these (and so do I) and the ones he brought home the other day are the sweethearts brand and they are flavored and we both did not like them. Overall spent $28.52.

Target had such a wide variety of cute socks! I had such a hard time choosing but ended up with these four and I love them! I need to go back and get some more!!

That's it for my Target trip. I plan on going back and using the rest of my gift card on more socks, downy unstoppables and some makeup removing wipes.

Now onto the other goodies I got recently. All of the items shown below were courtesy of my work. I <3 getting freebies from work due to either a defect or a sample from a manufacturer. They all rock!

I got a recipe card binder to keep recipe cards and clippings in, 3 sets of recipe cards and a pack of cookmarks for cookbooks. The recipe cards and cookmarks were samples from a manufacturer of ours and the collected recipes cookbook was ours and was returned to us because the customer felt it was too cheap of a quality and it got ripped a little in the top left hand corner. So I got to take all of these home and I actually plan on putting yummy recipes in the book and using it.

Do you have a recipe book or a recipe card box? Do you use it often??

I hope you all enjoy my blog posts. I'm a little concerned though. Let me first say that I do not want to get 1,000 million bloggers to follow me that won't actually follow me or comment. I just simply want to know how to get my blog out there a little more. I've been stuck at 46 followers for almost a year now..Actually I think it's been a year. I have one friend that started a blog 4 months after me and she got 100 within the month. Now, I see blogs where people don't really do a good job with information and pictures, yet they have 1,400 followers. I know I shouldn't care about followers but I have been stuck at 46 for a year now and would have thought I'd at least be at 100-300 people by now. Any tips or tricks that you guys do to get more followers?


  1. I love those candy hearts! I always leave comments on people's blogs and follow. Most times, people come and follow back. Good luck!

    1. :) I'll give that a whirl. I do comment on blogs but I guess I just comment on the ones I follow all the time. lol