Monday, January 23, 2012

Shallac and Hair Update!!

Today is Day 10 of my Shallac manicure. I did a blog post back on Day 1 or 2 I believe and if you read it you'd understand that this is supposed to last 14 days [at least]. I'm here with an update on how mine are looking right now.

This is my left hand
My Right Hand
My right hand
This is what happened Saturday night..

 Yep, the polish peeled off. It got caught on my hair and peeled part of the corner and then I just took the rest off because it was driving me nuts.

Look at how tore up my nail looks!!! This stuff really isn't that great on your nails -_-. It still does last a long time. A lot longer than regular nail polish so that's definitely a plus. But this is not a plus. Luckily I have a buffing pad that I just rubbed on it and got rid of all the little marks and peeled up piece of nail. Ick!

Now time for my hair update! I was tired of my bangs being so long [pretty much weren't bangs anymore] so I cut them.

Yup..Here are my bangs now :) A little bit shorter and I think overall, I like them. What do you think? Like, dislike? You can be honest.

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