Friday, January 13, 2012

Future Purse - Cute or Not?

I have been wanting a purse like this for awhile because it's super easy to keep clean and it's bigger than the purses I have now. Plus it's about $11. What a steal right? My boss got me a look-a-like one last year but it was a huge tote so I don't want to carry that around all over the place because it is HUGE. I mean, this thing is a big tote. I figure maybe I can just get the smaller one.

This is where I want your opinion..Is it cute or not? Should I just get it anyway cause I mean, it's $11, not going to break the bank. If I do choose to get one I'll have it custom made and I'll get either silver zebra outside or silver leopard outside. Then the inside will either be pink polka dots or silver zebra. I want your opinion.

The Bag is made of oilcloth and the one I took pictures of, we actually sell at my work. But for me to get the purse at $11, I'd have to make a custom one. If you'd like to see the pricing and purchasing info click here. This purse is very durable and is super easy to clean - simply wipe clean. Say you get lipstick on your purse...with this purse you'd simply just wipe it off with a paper towel or even a wet cloth. I love that fact about it because I'm always working on cars and sometimes I don't have a chance to wash all of the dirt off my hands before touching my purse. With this purse, I wouldn't really have to worry.

 Here I simply stuffed what I had available to me at work to show you ladies what all can fit in this size purse. It can actually hold quite a bit but the binder does take up a lot of room.

 I took everything out of the purse so I could show you the design inside. Notice that you can have the inside one design while having the pockets be another! It comes with two pretty big pockets on the side that I think are useful for holding my phone, chap stick and keys. You can also fit a small wallet and other items in the pockets. I know for me, I hate HATE HATE digging at the bottom of my purse for my house keys. Especially when I have my hands full with groceries or shopping bags. This makes it easy for me to just go to the pocket and get my keys out.

Here's a collective picture of EVERYTHING that I fit in the purse. My work binder, phone, lotion, chapstick, 3 packs of recipes cards, 1 pack of recipe sticky notes, my wallet and a thing of ramen noodles (my coworkers). I could actually have put more in there but you get the idea of how much can fit. I definitely think this purse would be great for when I'm going to movies with the friends or the boyfriend and want to sneak in my own snackies or drinks. I mean who really wants to pay $6 for a drink or popcorn. Not me!

[The boys bathroom mirror was dirty!] I figure you all would like to see how big the purse looks next to someone so here's that picture! This is my [messy hair, no makeup, crappy work clothes] picture. hahaha.

So should I get one? What prints should I go with. Here's a list of all of the available patterns and colors. If you are interested in any of these, they do have larger sizes and makeup bags and other items. Go check it out and let me know what you think!

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