Monday, January 9, 2012

Horrible Weekend

Saturday afternoon my friend Max and I were on the way back from his work; we had to pick up his keys because he left them there after having worked on my bf's car. So, we were on the way back to my apartment and we stopped at a light, there was a mercedes in front of me. Well, I looked in my rear view mirror and see this Jeep liberty and braced myself because it didn't look like she was going to stop.

 She didn't.

She plowed right into the back of my bf's car with my friend and I in it. Luckily we weren't hurt. I jumped out of the car ready to kill her and my friend had to keep me calm. Want to know what the girl driving the Jeep Liberty told me? "I'm so sorry, I bent down to get something and when I looked up you were there stopped". Ugh! So I had to get all of her information and she got mine and I took pictures of the damage she did to the hatch. For her car, a minor crack in the bumper and the license plate hanging down was all the damage.

 The car may not look all that bad but she hit me hard enough to ripple it and make a dint in the quarter panel. Plus where the tailgate got pushed in, the frame might be damaged. So we are pretty sure the hatch is going to be totaled when we take it to our insurance place for them to evaluate it.

The girl told me that she could just have her dad pay me out for the damages instead of the insurance dealing with it but I said no to that. I don't want to get scammed. Plus, that's what insurance is for...stuff like this! I ended up putting a claim in with my insurance and then one with hers. So she'll be getting a nice phone call today. Tomorrow the boyfriend and I have to take the car down to progressive and have them take pictures of the damage. I hope Farmer's pays us enough to be able to get all of the damage repaired or if anything we will part out the car and get rid of it :( Even though I don't want to see her go since she is my cars twin.

Oh well.

Oh! And I forgot to mention that Sunday my boyfriend was driving home in my hatch and it just decided to stop working. He thinks it's the alternator again but I just replaced that like 3 months ago >.< So it seems to be our luck this month with cars. We had to have my car towed home last night and now we are borrowing his dad's truck and have to car pool the rest of the work week. Which means if my boyfriend works till 8pm, I'm stuck at my job till 8pm. 

On a side note...I have to go to court on the 17th because I got pulled over last month, a week before Christmas for failing to follow the road signs, I guess. It's stupid. He let 4 people do the same thing in front of me and then pulled me over. Whatever, hopefully going to fight that ticket.

Blah! January has not been my month.