Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Tina!

Today is my friend Tina's 21st Birthday. Well actually, her birthday was on the 10th but she's having her get together tonight. I remember my 21st birthday..even though it was only 4 years ago LOL.

I hope she has a great one! I know she is planning on all of us getting together for dinner tonight at a Mexican restaurant and then tomorrow night everything is going to Drink Houston. Which, I will not be attending because I don't go to clubs, nor do I have the proper outfits for clubs.

Wanna see what I got her for her birthday??

She absolutely LOVES Hello Kitty. I mean, I love Hello Kitty too but she's a nut about her! I got her this beanie baby on amazon and also got her a Hello Kitty candy bracelet set and a Hello Kitty Candy necklace. I figured it was just something fun to throw in with the Hello Kitty plush. I know she'll like it.

Everyone at work asked me when she arrived if she was dirty. She's actually not! She's a cream/off white hello kitty and she's super fuzzy and soft. I think she's adorable.

Happy 21st Birthday Tina!!!!!!

Also forgot to mention

HAPPY Friday The 13th!!!!! :)

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