Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!! [10 Days Late and Picture Heavy!]

I meant to write this blog post shortly after my birthday but I had been busy with New Years plans and getting sick that I just haven't had time till now to sit down and write this. I hope you all are ready for a TON of pictures!! So, if you all haven't been reading my posts lately, well my 25th birthday was the 29th of December. Yes, I am half way to 50!! Eeeeek! For my birthday I invited a big group of friends to go out to dinner at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse. Being the hostess you would think that I would call ahead and let them know that 15+ people could be showing up. Nope, I decided to just walk in and put my name down. Then I had the hard time of telling people that showed up that it would be an hour and half wait. LOL. Let's just saw out of all my friends, only one was really unhappy with me and suggested that we move my party to Whataburger (for those of you that don't know what whataburger's simply like burger king). I was actually really surprised at how fast they got us in and at the fact that I actually had 15 people there!!! I've never had a party or any birthday event where so many people have come! Anyway, here's some pictures!! Enjoy!

Before my actual birthday my friend Jose, my boyfriend and I went out to Benihana's to celebrate since they sent me a $30 gift certificate to use on my birthday. Yum! Here are the pictures from that and then the rest from my birthday and dinner outing :)

My friend Ashley got me this cute cat wallet, the sakura bath bomb and the Angel's Delight soap from Lush :)

My friend Tina and her boyfriend Kenneth got me these :)

My friend Lauren got me these for my birthday :)

My aunt sent me these cute hello kitty items :)

My mom and dad sent me these flowers and they were lovely!

Got this from his mom and stepdad..I <3 old navy

My boyfriend got this ring for me from James Avery but I had to return it because it was turning my finger green. Guess I'm allergic to something in it. :(

My mom got this for me and I ended up just taking the clothes off lol.

The Bf and I after we got home from dinner :)

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