Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fitness Groove - WTH?

Lately I've been in this fitness groove where I've been working out almost every day and then had a couple of days resting time. Well, I think my friend who was telling me we needed to workout, has quit on me. I kind of knew it wouldn't last long with her. I was all into it and she just really wasn't. But now I'm realizing how much I actually enjoyed working out. Shocking! I never knew I'd miss working out everyday or at least every other day. I feel like I'm falling back into a slum and need to get out of it.

I have tried for the past 3 days to get her back into working out and I've been ignored or she'll respond at like 10:30pm. It's like UGH. So, I either keep nagging until I get her back into it or just move on and either find a new workout buddy or workout on my own.

Working out on my own means that I'm going to have to be more disciplined because if I did workout on my own I'd have to workout in the living room and to Just Dance and Wii Fit. Mainly because our apartment gym is so small and everyone hogs the machines.

It sucks. I was really hoping that she would keep with it with me and we'd start losing weight together but I guess I'm just a little more determined than she is or something. :(

Any advice or suggestions?

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