Friday, January 27, 2012

Freebies: Shave Gel

I hope you all don't mind my random posts about couponing. Of course I don't think you will since about 3 out of 46 people actually look at my blog posts [thank you to those ladies, you know who you are].

I got coupons sent to me from a nice lady in Montana for the $1/1 Gillette Shave Gel. It doesn't have a size restriction and Target just happens to have the trail size can for $0.97. The lady sent me 8 coupons and I had one of my own. So last night my friend Ashley and I headed to target and used all of my coupons so I could stock up.

In the picture it shows 8 because I got 1 a few days before. I'd say I'm stocked up for awhile on shave gel. These are the little 2.5oz bottles [I believe].

9- $1/1 Coupons. Shave Gel $0.97 - $1 = Free which means I would have spent $8.73 but instead got all of them Free.

Did you have any good deals this week? Are you into couponing? Let me know below :)

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