Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Hello Kittah!

I wanted to share with everyone what I got in the mail today!
Is everyone ready?? Ok, so my mom had told me that she bought my sandals for me. I ended up getting that package today. I was super lucky because I happened to get home right when the UPS guy was at my door. I yelled out of my car window "It's FOR ME!!!" and then he brought the pen pad over to me to sign for my package (Told you mom). 
Anyway, of course I brought it inside and Sissy had to give it the sniff test.

It passed! =]


When I opened the package I noticed something sitting on top. My mom had told me that she threw a little something extra in. hehehe. 


Super cute little makeup bag, which is actually the perfect size to hold what little makeup I own and what looks to be a little coin bag or something. I'll probably use it for coins or coupons. Something like that. It's so cute though! I absolutely love hello kitty.

This little bag is so cute! I'm a big dork when it comes to Hello kitty. Then again one of my friends has the hello kitty toaster and wants the hello kitty waffle iron. (Yes that's right, I'm talking about you Jana) hehe. We are both Hello Kitty freaks.

Moving on.... I already told you guys that I was getting these sandals and I am totally in love! I just think I need to get some cute skirt to wear with them or something. (I don't wear shorts).

These I got in the color Pewter. I love them!! I definitely need to go get a pedi before I wear these cause right now my toes could use some help.

Thanks Mom!! I absolutely love all the new things I got. I can't wait to wear my sandals.. (actually I wore them out last night for a little bit).



  1. all so cute! Love how your kitty has too make sure it is all ok for you too open!haha

  2. Awww soooo cute, i absolutely LOVE Hello Kitty, this is adorable :) Now i want those too :D

    Thank you so much sweetie <3 xoxo Christine

  3. @Miranda: Yeah, she's a goober. She loves checking out my stuff that I get in the mail. I swear she's part dog.

    @Christine: You should go get one! Omg did you know that van's came out with Hello kitty shoes! They are super cute! But expensive.

  4. Hello Kitty is awesome!! I remember watching the Sanrio hello kitty episodes on VHS when I was about 5 or 6. I'm glad they started making accessories with Hello Kitty on them because she is too dang kawaii!

  5. What's crazy is that I never really was a big hello kitty fan until this past year. lol. Now I want this cute hello kitty purse!