Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aussie Mega Hold Hairspray. Oh How I Love Thee

This is going to be a super quick review because I'm sure 99.9% of all women know what hairspray this is.

Aussie Mega Hair Spray!

This happens to be the best hair spray ever created! At least in my opinion! Unlike other hair sprays, Aussie doesn't leave your hair feeling crunchy and unmanageable. Plus the smell is to die for! 

Not only do I use Aussie hair spray on my hair [duh] but I also use it on my hair bows to keep them smelling good and from fraying. I know Anna over at  Embellishments Beauty was wondering what smell was on her bows that she one in my giveaway. I told her that I used Aussie hair spray on them. I haven't met a single person that does not like the smell of Aussie products.

Who else loves Aussie hair products? I swear by this, it's amazing! This is the only hair spray that will ever touch my hair [even though I'm not a huge hair spray fan].

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