Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love spending $0.35

 There is no way that I could ever call myself an "Extreme Couponer" mainly because I'm not one. Never will I be one. Lol. But I do love a good bargain!

I went to Walmart the other night because I had a couple of coupons that were expiring soon. One was for $2.00 off any size Tidy Cats kitty litter. The second one was for BOGO Whiska's Entrees. 

Here's the prices:
Tidy Cats Litter: Sm Bag: $1.77 (free with $0.23 over)
Whiska's Entrees: $0.55 each.

I used both coupons and my final price for all 3 was $0.35 =]

I love getting good deals like this because after awhile Cat food and Cat litter get pricey. I know that with these coupons it's easier for me to get her essentials and be able to spend a little more on use getting groceries and stuff like that. =]

Do any of you use coupons on a regular basis?


  1. Nice~ Looks like you have one happy kitty now! haha

  2. Ya, you should see her! Every time I bring something home for her she's gotta sniff it and she starts rubbing on me and purring. lol.

  3. I love these coupon posts you do!

  4. Thanks! I've kinda gotten into the whole couponing thing but not really EXTREME. I just use a few coupons on stuff that I'm already planning on buying or stuff that I can get for really cheap and give to friends.