Friday, June 17, 2011

June Lust List: I Want!

Hello Kitty Necklace that bumblebeeetuna made! $25 CAD

I really want to try her perfume. Plus it's a cute little bottle! $65 at Nordstrom

Hello kitty vans $50 @ Van's Stores

My friend actually bought the first pair shown the other day. I think if I get a pair I'm either going with the black and red w/red laces or the pink w/pink laces.

My friend Jana has been using this and loves it. It makes her skin look like she's not wearing anything. I might just have to give this a try. $8-10

Sleek iDivine Acid Palette I think these are 4.99 Euros.

I've really been wanting to try this palette out because the colors are super bright, pigmented and beautiful. I just don't think I can get one since they are made in the UK. Hmmm.

That's pretty much it for my June Lust List. Not a whole lot but it's what I've been wanting to get =]


  1. You can always try ebay for the sleek palette. I got mine from there, but mine was the storm palette.

  2. Thanks Carla! I'll look into that. Maybe I can find it on Amazon..I've got some free money I can use on there =]

  3. Nice list!


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  4. Hey, im from the uk, do you want to do a kind of swap? X