Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Piggy Paint Review: Twinkle Toes

Yesterday I got to sample Piggy Paints Twinkle Toes nail polish. It's so cute because it comes in this little bottle and has a little pink piggy on it. Here are some quick facts about it:
  • It's kid friendly
  • As Natural as Mug
  • Non-Toxic
  • Odorless 
 It's a cute sparkly silver color. I love everything about it but didn't really care when it came to applying it. It's liquid, but doesn't drip. It's kinda grainy in a way I guess. When I applied the first coat it went on smoothly. It started out really sheer but after the second coat it was starting to look really pretty. I finally went on to do a third coat and that's when it started messing up. It takes FOREVER to dry (which I don't like).

I like my nail polishes drying pretty quickly because then you can move on to the top coat. Plus I noticed that it started kinda getting a bubbly look to it and I didn't care for that. After trying to blow dry them dry, I gave up and used nail polish remover to take it off. When doing so, it gets silver sparkly paint all over your fingers. So it's quite messy. Maybe other people have had better luck with this nail polish but I think I will stick to China Glaze, Opi and Sally Hansen.

I might see if my Sister would like to try this on my niece and see how she likes it.

Well, that's my review :)


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