Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1: Introduction

Hi Everyone! My name is Katie. I'm 24 years old and loving life right now. I have a handsome boyfriend and a fuzzy little kitty. I live in Texas right now and I'm still adjusting to the weather. Anyway, on to the facts :)

  1. I use to bite my nails ALL the time
  2. I'm a nail polish junkie even though I only have 6
  3. My kitty means the world to me
  4. I'm obsessed with cars (especially civics)
  5. I actually know HOW to work on cars
  6. I'm a photographer
  7. I could pretty much live on Chinese food alone
  8. Sushi is amazing and I don't get enough of it
  9. I've always been afraid of heights
  10. I'm the most self conscious person you'll ever meet
  11. Horses are my favorite animal
  12. I'm not much of a book reader but love Twilight
  13. Addicted to the Sims3 game, if only my computer would allow me to play it
  14. I repaint my nails almost every week
  15. I just discovered makeup this year (because I got brushes and palettes)
Hope you all enjoy this! See ya tomorrow !!!

<3 Katie 

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