Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coastal Scents Brushes: Review

Hi Everyone! I wanted to do a review on my Coastal Scents brush set. I received this set for Christmas and I absolutely love having a brush set. Before, I'd just use the little sponge applicators and those are just horrible!

I love these brushes. As you can tell, mine are dirty and I need to clean them. haha. This set comes with 10 brushes but mine only came with 9, which I just noticed right now after having owned the set for almost 2.5 months now. I emailed Coastal Scents to see if they could send me the missing brush. I'll let everyone know what happens.

This set ended up being $29.95. My boyfriends mom got it for me for Christmas because that and the Coastal Scents palette was the only two things I wanted for Christmas from her.
Onto the brushes:


Flat Top Bronzer Buffer Brush

This brush retails for $8.49. I love how soft this brush feels but considering I don't wear blush or bronzer (yet) I haven't really had a need for this brush.


Synthetic Oval Foundation

 This brush retails for $3.99. Since I don't wear concealer yet, I use this brush just to dust off any eye shadow that has fallen on my cheeks. Yet again, the brush is soft and nice quality.


Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush

 This brush retails for $2.39. I rarely use this brush. I mainly use it if I want to put a silver tone all over the lid under my other colors.


Blending Fluff Brush

 This brush retails for $1.99. Yet again, I rarely use this brush. It's a blending brush and I just have no need for it. I think overall I have used this brush maybe twice.


Semi Firm Pointed Crease

 This brush retails for $3.95. This is a crease brush and of course, it's used for the crease. I've used this brush quite a bit for blending and for my crease. At first I didn't like it because all the eye shadow would fall off but I think it was really that my eyeshadow is a little chalky.


Oval Synthetic Concealer Brush

This brush retails for $2.89 and is a great little concealer brush for under your eyes and under your nose. I've actually used this brush a lot to pack on the eye shadow. Since it's a stiff brush it's great to really pack eyeshadow on your lids. I have used it once for concealer when I was visiting my mom.



Angle Taklon Liner Brush


This brush retails for $1.79. This brush is a great addition to the set because it's the perfect size and shape to add a little color to your lash line. I absolutely love this brush.



Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush

 This brush retails for $1.95. This brush I use more than the bigger eyeshadow brush. It's the perfect size for the eyelid and does a good job applying color and blending.


Kolinsky Lip Brush

 This brush retails for $3.49. I've never used this brush for my lips. It actually just sits in the case for right now since I don't have any lipsticks or lip glosses that need to be applied with this.

#10 I don't another lip brush.

These brushes are pretty nice quality. They are super soft and great for applying makeup. The only cons with these brushes are that they stink really bad when you get them, which I think is because of the case they are in. Also, they shed a lot. I'll be putting shadow on and there will be brissles sticking up.

A cool thing about this set is that you get this nice little leather case to protect the brushes. It can actually hold more brushes than the ones it comes with.

Yay for brushes!!! All brushes and other brush sets can be found at

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