Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Questionnaire!! February is over!!

1.) Mood:
       Pretty good. I actually have a decent day at work and came home in a somewhat good mood. 

2.) Do you take vitamins every day?
       I've started taking Vitamin C everyday because my doctor recommended that I take it since I was sick for 3 weeks. Ick! But luckily the chewable vitamin c is yum!

3.) Do you prefer sweet (chocolate/sugar) or salty (chips, etc.) type snacks?
       It really depends on what mood I'm in. Lately I have been in a chocolate/sugar snack mode. My weakness this past week has been peanut M&M's. But I'm pretty much burnt out on those now lol.

4.) Current nail polish:
       No current nail polish this time. I've been taking a break from painting my nails because my nails have been splitting. >.<

5.) What color are the walls of your bedroom?
        White because we live in an apartment and there's no way I'm painting the walls and then repainting them before we move.
6.) Do you like to cook at home or are you more of a take-out person?
       I'd love to cook more at home but as much as I hate to say it, right now I'm more of a take-out person. I know it's not healthy but when I get home from working all day, I just feel like sitting down, relaxing and then going to bed.
7.) Current outfit?
       Old navy jeans, old navy tank and honda t-shirt
8.) What is your favorite television program?
        That's a tough one because I watch a bunch of different types of shows. I'd have to say my favorite at the moment is Vampire Diaries. I can not get enough of Tyler :) mmm.
9.) Can you do a cartwheel?
       Negative. I use to try all the time when I was in elementary school. Even had friends try to teach me how and I could never pick it up.

10.) Weekly goals: 
          To blog more often, take photos more often and to finish all of the many projects I have at work.

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